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Resistive Touch PCs

For industrial and business applications, faytech’s Touch PC series provide incredible stability due to its fanless silent operation, no moving parts design and aluminum housing. Equipped with strong Intel® Celeron™ DualCore or QuadCore CPU, Intel® HD graphics, 2G / 4G RAM and 64G SSD, the system supports various OS, e.g. Win 7/ 8/10 (32 or 64 bit) and Linux. With Intel® I5-5200u CPU, fay-003 mainboard is available for better performance. Using 5-wire resistive touch panels (4-wire for 7”) and faytech’s subpixel free A+ LCD panels, it is our cost-effective yet highly reliable solution for long term operation. faytech’s Touch PCs are the perfect option for moderate and challenging situations, such as industrial automation, POS system, digital signage, etc.

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