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Manual FAY002 Manual (N2807 & J1900)
Manual Optional mSATA Manual
Manual IP65 Touch Monitor Series Manual
Manual 7''-10'' Resistive Touch Monitor Series Manual
Manual 32''-55'' Touch PC Manual
Manual 12.1''-22'' Resistive Touch Monitor Manual
Manual Capacitive Touch PC Manual
Manual Resistive Touch PC Manual
Media faytech Product Catalog
Media faytech Mini Catalog
3D Model FT07N2807W2G64G 3D Model
3D Model FT07TMB 3D Model
3D Model FT07TMIP65HDMIRFID 3D Model
3D Model FT07TMBCAP 3D Model
3D Model FT08N2807W2G64G 3D Model
3D Model FT08TMB 3D Model
3D Model FT08TMIP65 3D Model
3D Model FT101A20M400W1G4GCAP 3D Model
3D Model FT104N2807W2G64GIP65HB 3D Model
3D Model FT104TMIP65 3D Model
3D Model FT10N2807W2G64G 3D Model
3D Model FT10TMB 3D Model
3D Model FT10TMIP65 3D Model
3D Model FT101J1900W4G64GCAP 3D Model
3D Model FT10WTMBCAP 3D Model
3D Model FT121TMB 3D Model
3D Model FT121TMIP65 3D Model
3D Model FT12J1900W4G64GCAP 3D Model
3D Model FT12N2807W2G64Gwide 3D Model
3D Model FT12TMBCAP 3D Model
3D Model FT15J1900W4G64GCAP 3D Model
3D Model FT15N2807W2G64G 3D Model
3D Model FT15TMBCAP 3D Model
3D Model FT15TMIP65HB 3D Model
3D Model FT17N2807W2G64G 3D Model
3D Model FT17TMBCAP 3D Model
3D Model FT19N2807W2G64G 3D Model
3D Model FT215A20M400W1G4GCAP 3D Model
3D Model FT215J1900W4G64GCAP 3D Model
3D Model FT215TMBCAP 3D Model
3D Model FT32J1900W4G64GCAP 3D Model
3D Model FT32TMBCAP 3D Model
3D Model FT43J1900W4G64GCAP 3D Model
3D Model FT43TMBCAP 3D Model
3D Model FT55J1900W4G64GCAP 3D Model
3D Model FT55TMBCAP 3D Model
3D Model FTK215J1900W4G64GCAP 3D Model
3D Model FTK55J1900W4G64GCAP 3D Model
Datasheet FTN2807 Flyer
Datasheet FTJ1900 Flyer
Datasheet FT08TMB Flyer
Datasheet FT215V40M400W1G4GCAP Flyer
Datasheet FT07TMB Flyer
Datasheet FTA20XGYGWBG Flyer
Datasheet FT121TMB Flyer
Datasheet FT101V40M400W1G4GCAP Flyer
Datasheet FT10TMB Flyer
Datasheet FT19TMB Flyer
Datasheet FT17TMB Flyer
Datasheet FT15TMB Flyer
Datasheet FT22TMB Flyer
Datasheet FT19N2807W2G64G Flyer
Datasheet FT15N2807W2G64G Flyer
Datasheet FT12N2807W2G64Gwide Flyer
Datasheet FT17N2807W2G64G Flyer
Datasheet FT10N2807W2G64G Flyer
Datasheet FT07N2807W2G64G Flyer
Datasheet FTK55J1900W4G64GCAP Flyer
Datasheet FTK215J1900W4G64GCAP Flyer
Datasheet FTK32J1900W4G64GCAP Flyer
Datasheet FTK43J1900W4G64GCAP Flyer
Datasheet FT43J1900W4G64GCAP Flyer
Datasheet FT55J1900W4G64GCAP Flyer
Datasheet FT32J1900W4G64GCAP Flyer
Datasheet FT17TMBCAP Flyer
Datasheet FT215TMBCAP Flyer
Datasheet FT15TMBCAP Flyer
Datasheet FT43TMBCAP Flyer
Datasheet FT32TMBCAP Flyer
Datasheet FT15N2807W2G64GIP65HBCAP Flyer
Datasheet FT104N2807W2G64GIP65HB Flyer
Datasheet FT215J1900W4G64GCAP Flyer
Datasheet FT07TMBCAP Flyer
Datasheet FT17J1900W4G64GCAP Flyer
Datasheet FT55TMBCAP Flyer
Datasheet FT15J1900W4G64GCAP Flyer
Datasheet FT12J1900W4G64GCAP Flyer
Datasheet FT101J1900W4G64GCAP Flyer
Datasheet FT12TMBCAP Flyer
Datasheet FT101TMBCAP Flyer
Datasheet FT15TMIP65HB Flyer
Datasheet FT104TMIP65HB Flyer
Datasheet FT10TMIP65 Flyer
Datasheet FT08TMIP65HB Flyer
Datasheet FT121TMIP65HB Flyer
Datasheet FT07TMIP65HB Flyer
3D Model FT133TMBCAP 3D Model
Datasheet FT133TMBCAP Flyer
Drivers FAY001 Mainboard Driver
Drivers W-LAN Driver
Drivers Capacitive Touch Driver
Drivers Resistive Touch Driver
Drivers FT2X00 Driver
Drivers FAY002 BIOS Driver
Drivers FAY002 GPIO Drivers
Drivers FAY002 Step 1 - Chipset
Drivers FAY002 Step 2 - Graphics
Drivers FAY002 Step 3 - Atom IO Drivers (optional)
Drivers FAY002 Step 4 - LAN
Drivers FAY002 Step 5 - Audio
Drivers FAY002 Step 6 - TXE (optional)
Drivers FAY002 Step 7 - USB 3.0
Drivers FAY002 Step 8 - USB Hub
Drivers FAY002 Step 9 - TPM
Drivers FAY002 Step 10 - UART (optional)
3D Model FTK55J1900W4G64GCAP 3D Model
3D Model FTK43J1900W4G64GCAP 3D Model
3D Model FTK32J1900W4G64GCAP 3D Model
3D Model FT17J1900W4G64GCAP 3D Model
Datasheet FT07J1900W4G64GCAP Flyer
3D Model FT07J1900W4G64GCAP 3D Model
3D Model FT133J1900W4G64GCAP 3D Model
Datasheet FT133J1900W4G64GCAP Flyer
3D Model FT08WTMBCAP 3D Model
3D Model FT121TMIP65HBCAP 3D Model
Datasheet FT07TMIP65HDMIRFID Flyer
Datasheet FT07TMIP65HDMIRFIDLR Flyer
3D Model FT07TMIP65HDMIRFID 3D Model
Datasheet FT133V40M400W1G8GCAP Flyer
3D Model FT133A20M400W1G8GCAP 3D Model
3D Model FT86TMBCAPOB 3D Model
3D Model FT156J1900W4G64GCAP 3D Model
Datasheet FT156J1900W4G64GCAP Flyer
Datasheet FT42TMBCAP Flyer
3D Model FT42TMBCAP 3D Model
Datasheet FT55TMBCAP Flyer
3D Model FT55TMBCAP 3D Model
Datasheet FT32TMBCAP Flyer
3D Model FT32TMBCAP 3D Model
3D Model FT08N2807W2G64G 3D Model
3D Model FT15A20M400W1G8GCAP 3D Model
3D Model FT17A20M400W1G8GCAP 3D Model
Datasheet FT08N2807W2G64G Flyer
Datasheet FT15V40M400W1G8GCAP Flyer
3D Model FT10TMBCAP 3D Model
Datasheet FT10TMBCAP Flyer
Datasheet FT08V40M400W1G8GCAP Flyer
Datasheet FT10V40M400W1G8GCAP Flyer
Datasheet FT07V40M400W1G8GCAP Flyer
Datasheet FT10J1900W4G64GCAP Flyer
3D Model FT10J1900W4G64GCAP 3D Model
Datasheet FT17V40M400W1G8GCAP Flyer
Manual FT07A20M400W1G8GCAP Short Manual
Datasheet FT156TMBCAP Flyer
Datasheet FT86TMBCAPOB Flyer
3D Model FT156TMBCAP 3D Model
Datasheet FT08WTMBCAP Flyer
Datasheet FTV40XGYGWBG Flyer
Datasheet FT08TMBCAP Flyer
3D Model FT08TMBCAP 3D Model
Drivers FAY002 BIOS driver V1.0 (old version)
Datasheet Clamp Support Flyer & Mounting Instructions
Datasheet FT19TMBCAP Flyer
Datasheet FT19J1900W4G64GCAP Flyer
Datasheet FT19V40M400W1G8GCAP Flyer
3D Model FT19TMBCAP 3D Model
3D Model FT19J1900W4G64GCAP 3D Model
3D Model FT19V40M400W1G8GCAP 3D Model
3D Model FT215TMCAPOFHBOB 3D Model
Datasheet FT215TMCAPOFHBOB Flyer
Datasheet FT32HDKTMCAPHBOB Flyer
Datasheet FT43HDKTMCAPHBOB Flyer
Datasheet FT55TMCAPHDKHBOB Flyer
3D Model FT43V40HBK02 3D Model
Datasheet FT43V40HBK Flyer
Datasheet FT15TMCAPOFHBOB Flyer
Datasheet FTV100SF Flyer
Datasheet Apollo Lake Flyer
Manual Apollo Lake Manual
Drivers Apollo Lake Step 1 - Chipset
Drivers Apollo Lake Step 2 - Graphic
Drivers Apollo Lake Step 3 - LAN
Drivers Apollo Lake Step 4 - Audio
Drivers Apollo Lake Step 5 - Serial I/O
Drivers Apollo Lake Step 6 - ME
Datasheet QTCMBEPNB Flyer
3D Model FT215KMCAP 3D Model
3D Model FT32TMKCAPOB 3D Model
3D Model FT43TMKCAPOB 3D Model
3D Model FT55TMKCAPOB 3D Model
Datasheet FT215KMCAP Flyer
Datasheet FT32TMKCAPOB Flyer
Datasheet FT43TMKCAPOB Flyer
Datasheet FT55TMKCAPOB Flyer
Certificate faytech ISO9001:2015 Certificate
Datasheet FT156V40M400W1G8GCAP Flyer
Datasheet FT215V40M400W1G8GCAP Flyer
Datasheet FT55HDKTMCAPHBOB4K Flyer
Datasheet FT125MLSC Flyer
3D Model FT125MLSC 3D Model
Datasheet FT125TMLSC Flyer
Manual faytech flat Manual
Datasheet FT101V40KCAPOB Flyer
3D Model FT101V40KCAPOB 3D Model
Datasheet FT07TMCAPOFHBOB Flyer
Datasheet FT07TMIP65HB 3D Model
Datasheet FT121TMIP65HBCAP flyer
Datasheet FT08N2807W4G64GCAP 3D Model
Datasheet FT08N2807W2G64GCAP Flyer
Datasheet FT15N2807W2G64GIP65HBCAP 3D Model
Datasheet FT15N2807W2G64GIP65HB Flyer
Datasheet FT08V40M400W1G8GCAP 3D Model
3D Model FT10V40M400W1G8GCAP 3D Model
Datasheet IPCN2807W2G64G Flyer
Datasheet IPCN2807W2G64G 3D Model
Datasheet IPCJ1900W4G64G Flyer
Datasheet IPCJ1900W4G64G 3D Model
Datasheet FT07V40M400W1G8GCAP 3D Model
Certificate Declaration of Conformity - Industrial PCs
Certificate Declaration of Conformity - LAPSCREEN
Certificate Declaration of Conformity - Touch Monitors_CAP_32"+
Certificate Declaration of Conformity - Touch Monitors_CAP
Certificate Declaration of Conformity - Touch Monitors_CAP_Open Frame
Certificate Declaration of Conformity - Touch Monitors_IP65
Certificate Declaration of Conformity - Touch Monitors_CAP_Kiosk
Certificate Declaration of Conformity - Touch Monitors_RES
Certificate Declaration of Conformity - Touch PCs_CAP_32"+
Certificate Declaration of Conformity - Touch PCs_CAP_N3350
Certificate Declaration of Conformity - Touch PCs_CAP_N4200
Certificate Declaration of Conformity - Touch PCs_CAP_N2807/J1900
Certificate Declaration of Conformity - Touch PCs_CAP_V40
Certificate Declaration of Conformity - Touch PCs_IP65_N3350/N4200
Certificate Declaration of Conformity - Touch PCs_IP65_N2807/J1900
Certificate Declaration of Conformity - Touch PCs_RES_N3350/N4200
Certificate Declaration of Conformity - Touch PCs_RES_N2807/J1900
Media faytech's Display Quality
Datasheet FT15TMIP65CAPHBOB Flyer
3D Model FT15TMIP65CAPHBOB 3D Model
Datasheet FT32N42004G128CAPOB Flyer
3D Model FT32N42004G128CAPOB 3D Model
Datasheet FT15TMBCAPOB Flyer
3D Model FT15TMBCAPOB 3D Model
Datasheet FT17TMBCAPOB Flyer
3D Model FT17TMBCAPOB 3D Model
Datasheet FT215TMBCAPOB Flyer
3D Model FT215TMBCAPOB 3D Model
Manual Capacitive Touch PC Series Manual (German)
Datasheet FT15V40CAPOB Flyer
3D Model FT15V40CAPOB 3D Model
Datasheet FT17V40CAPOB Flyer
3D Model FT17V40CAPOB 3D Model
Datasheet FT215V40CAPOB Flyer
3D Model FT215V40CAPOB 3D Model
Datasheet FT116TMCAPOFHBOB Flyer
3D Model FT116TMCAPOFHBOB 3D Model
Datasheet FT15N42004G128GCAPOB Flyer
3D Model FT15N42004G128GCAPOB 3D Model
Datasheet FT17N42004G128GCAPOB Flyer
3D Model FT17N42004G128GCAPOB 3D Model
Datasheet FT215N42004G128CAPOB Flyer
3D Model FT215N42004G128CAPOB 3D Model
Datasheet FT101I58G128GCAPOB Flyer
3D Model FT101I58G128GCAPOB 3D Model
Datasheet FT156I58G128GCAPOB Flyer
3D Model FT156I58G128GCAPOB 3D Model
Datasheet FT215I58G128GCAPOB Flyer
3D Model FT215I58G128GCAPOB 3D Model
Datasheet Kaby Lake U Flyer
Manual Kaby Lake U Manual
Drivers Kaby Lake U Step 1 - Chipset
Drivers Kaby Lake U Step 2 - Graphics
Drivers Kaby Lake U Step 3 - LAN
Drivers Kaby Lake U Step 4 - Audio
Drivers Kaby Lake U Step 5 - ME
Datasheet IPCN4200 Flyer
3D Model IPCN4200 3D Model
Datasheet FT125FLATV2 Flyer
3D Model FT125FLATV2 3D Model
Datasheet IPCI57300W8G128G Flyer
3D Model IPCI57300W8G128G 3D Model
Datasheet FT133I58G128GCAPOB Flyer
3D Model FT133I5CAPOB 3D Model *available soon*
Manual Serial Command Overview
Drivers Buildroot & Browser - SD card installer - 7'' V40 Image
Drivers Buildroot & Browser - SD card installer - 10.1'' V40 Image
Drivers Buildroot & Browser - SD card installer - 13.3'' V40 Image
Drivers Buildroot & Browser - SD card installer - 21.5'' V40 Image
Drivers Ubuntu mate 18.04 LTS - SD card installer - 7'' V40 Image
Drivers Ubuntu mate 18.04 LTS - SD card installer - 10.1'' V40 Image
Drivers Ubuntu mate 18.04 LTS - SD card installer - 13.3'' V40 Image
Drivers Ubuntu mate 18.04 LTS - SD card installer - 21.5'' V40 Image
Manual V40 Image Installation Manual
Datasheet FT10TMBCAPOB Flyer
3D Model FT10TMBCAPOB 3D Model
Datasheet FT101TMBCAPOB Flyer
3D Model FT101TMBCAPOB 3D Model
Datasheet FT133TMBCAPOB Flyer
3D Model FT133TMBCAPOB 3D Model
Datasheet FT156TMBCAPOB Flyer
3D Model FT156TMBCAPOB 3D Model
Datasheet FT27TMBCAPOB Flyer
3D Model FT27TMBCAPOB 3D Model
Drivers Apollo Lake Step 7 - MIPI Camera
Media faytech flat presentation
Datasheet FT10V40CAPOB Flyer
3D Model FT10V40CAPOB 3D Model
Datasheet FT101V40CAPOB Flyer
3D Model FT101V40CAPOB 3D Model
Datasheet FT133V40CAPOB Flyer
3D Model FT133V40CAPOB 3D Model
Datasheet FT156V40CAPOB Flyer
3D Model FT156V40CAPOB 3D Model
Datasheet FT27V40CAPOB Flyer
3D Model FT27V40CAPOB 3D Model
Datasheet FT10I58G128GCAPOB Flyer
3D Model FT10I5CAPOB 3D Model *available soon*
Datasheet FT15I58G128GCAPOB Flyer
3D Model FT15I5CAPOB 3D Model *available soon*
Datasheet FT17I58G128GCAPOB Flyer
3D Model FT17I5CAPOB 3D Model *available soon*
Datasheet FT27I58G128GCAPOB Flyer
3D Model FT27I5CAPOB 3D Model *available soon*
Drivers Ubuntu 18.04 Capacitive Touch Driver
Datasheet FT08N42004G128CAPOB Flyer
3D Model FT08N42004G128CAPOB 3D Model
Datasheet FT10N42004G128CAPOB Flyer
3D Model FT10N42004G128CAPOB 3D Model
Datasheet FT101N42004G128CAPOB Flyer
3D Model FT101N42004G128CAPOB 3D Model
Datasheet FT121N42004G128CAPOB Flyer
3D Model FT121N42004G128CAPOB 3D Model
Datasheet FT133N42004G128CAPOB Flyer
3D Model FT133N42004G128CAPOB 3D Model
Datasheet FT156N42004G128CAPOB Flyer
3D Model FT156N42004G128CAPOB 3D Model
Datasheet FT27N42004G128CAPOB Flyer
3D Model FT27N42004G128CAPOB 3D Model
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