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Enhancing our Partnership with Kastus® to bring further Antiviral & Antibacterial Protection to our Touchscreens

faytech and Kastus partnership - Antiviral & Antibacterial coating technology
Kastus - Effects on viruses and bacteria
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The global pandemic has transformed how we interact with touchscreen surfaces forever. Businesses had to rethink sanitation and hygiene practices like never before as consumers and staff are concerned about exposure to germs and viruses when using touchscreens. It’s not surprising when you consider that recent scientific studies have shown that Human Coronavirus can last on surfaces such as glass for up to 28 days1

Kastus is the World’s most innovative Antimicrobial surface coating technology and uniquely offers 3-in-1 protection against Human Coronavirus, traditional viruses such as Hepatitis A and Influenza A, and harmful surface bacteria. While competing Antimicrobial technologies are effective against just bacteria, Kastus technology delivers independently proven kill rates of >99% against all 3 above.

Kastus and faytech have been partnering for over a year now on next gen products combining our best in class German engineered bespoke touchscreen designs with Kastus’ World-leading Antimicrobial coating technology.
All of our faytech touch monitors and touch PCs are now customizable with Kastus’ patented coating technology.

Arne Weber, Managing Founder of faytech, said:
"After experimenting with many different coating solutions in the market, we believe Kastus Technologies provides the most advanced solution for antimicrobial coating to this day." mentions Arne Weber. "In certain segments of our target market, especially in current times, there is a strong emphasis on sanitization, safety and health. Think about medical, retail and transportation applications, for example. With this coating, we can penetrate this market even further and increase our product offerings. This, in combination with our touch and optical bonding expertise gives us an advantage in the touch display market."

John Browne, CEO of Kastus, commented:
"Kastus are excited to be growing our partnership with faytech, one of the leading manufacturing companies of touchscreen PCs and monitors. Through our collaboration, businesses have access to best-in-class German engineered touchscreens protected by Kastus’ World-leading Antimicrobial coating technology. We are delighted to be working with such an innovative brand leader and helping their customers in the ongoing fight against Covid-19."

We currently distinguish the touch solutions equipped with antimicrobial coating technology using the 'antimicrobial icon'. Thus, with this icon on the glass, you can be sure the device is coated with Kastus’ antimicrobial coating, which lasts for the entire lifetime of the product.

¹Study published (12.10.2020) by Australia’s national science agency (CSIRO), researchers found that human coronavirus is ‘extremely robust’ and can remain infectious on surfaces for up to 28 days.

Note: Kastus and faytech are Global brands with Global footprints. Antibacterial and Antiviral product claims mentioned in this newsletter are not applicable in the United States.

Founded in 2014, Kastus is an award-winning Irish nano-technology company who have developed a globally patented range of 24/7 Antimicrobial and Antiviral surface coatings designed to protect glass and ceramic surfaces.

Their brand and tech video tells the story of our value proposition.  Kastus coating is proven to global ISO and ASTM lab test standards to protect coated surfaces against harmful bacteria, everyday tough viruses (such as Influenza A & Hep A) and recently human coronavirus.

In June 2020 Kastus was awarded a significant  European Commission Grant  to combat the Covid-19 pandemic and support recovery in Europe. Kastus has 44 global patents granted and pending and are currently partnering with a host of global brands to counter further spread of the human coronavirus.

Kastus’ suite of products included both finished products – Screen protectors for existing screens – plus coating solutions for manufacturing all types of new glass and ceramics products.  

To find out more about Kastus visit

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