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faytech's Open Frame Touch Monitor Comparison!

As you already know, at faytech we never stop improving our products and expertise! With strong Research & Development teams, the latest up-to-date machinery and many professionals in employment, we are certainly able to provide one of the highest quality industrial touch devices in the market!

However, words are sometimes not enough to convince a person, and thus we decided to create a video in which faytech's 21.5" Open Frame Capacitive Touch Monitor is directly compared to a similarly priced monitor of our competitor. The competitor in question is an American A-brand touch devices provider, and thus is a very suitable benchmark to test the capabilities and quality of the faytech device.

As can be seen in the image on the right, there is a clear difference in the picture shown on both displays. The main reason for this is because faytech's device is optically bonded and has a high brightness, while the competitor does not.

In part 1 of the video series, which just got released on our YouTube Channel, the focus is on the general display quality, touch function, mounting solutions and connectors & buttons. Besides this, the optical bonding advantages are mentioned as well.

You can check out the video by clicking on the right or the link below and get further details regarding the differences of the two devices! Should there be any questions or comments about the video or products shown, do not hesitate to contact us directly!

We offer a complete range of Open Frame Capacitive High Brightness Touch Monitors, from 7" all the way up to 55". Start your project with us now and offer your customers a FANTASTIC display performance with faytech's products!

faytech's Capacitive Open Frame Touch Monitor - Competitor Comparison - part 1

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