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Introducing 'PUREBOND' Optical Bonding

We at faytech continuously investigate methods on how to further improve the display quality of our devices. Besides focusing on the standard hardware, we decided to look at more sophisticated details and components used within our displays. Soon after, we decided that the silicone glue formula used within our optically bonded devices is a vital part in how the screen quality is perceived.

Thus, with this knowledge and in co-operation with specialists in the silicone glue area, in 2018, we set up our own glue production plant located in Tongling, China. The silicone glue produced here is a pourable, addition-curing silicone rubber that vulcanizes at room temperature to a very soft silicone gel with physical properties, making it extremely suitable for optical bonding applications.

This specific formula is associated with the 'PUREBOND' logo in order to easily distinguish it from other glues or curing methods. Should you see this logo, you can be sure the device is optically bonded and meets the highest quality standards in the market!

The 'PUREBOND' formula has such a high quality that it even passes the military MIL-STD-810-2003 test standard, making it the perfect glue for any application, especially in military, automotive, industrial machines and outdoor environments.

faytech already installed two class 100 clean rooms which occupy an entire floor in both factories located in Shenzhen and Suining. These clean rooms ensure the process is done in the best environment using the best tools, thus ensuring the 'PUREBOND' quality.

All the advantages and details regarding Optical Bonding are listed in the link below

Optical Bonding Explained

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