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LAPSCREEN - "the 3rd evolution of mobile computing"

faytech is proud to announce the LAPSCREEN, which after the laptop and smartphone, introduces the 3rd evolution of mobile computing and the paper of the future!

LAPSCREEN is a lightweight portable monitor - the perfect solution for people that require an extra screen while doing their day-to-day activities. Whether you connect it to your mobile phone, tablet or laptop, it will be an easy and convenient way of extending (or duplicating) the screen of your smart device over USB Type-C or HDMI cable. It is the perfect device to connect with your mobile phone (Apple, Samsung, Huawei, etc.) using the cable.

You can easily turn your smartphone into a laptop with the use of LAPSCREEN and a keyboard. You can turn the smartphone into a pad with the touch version, or extend your PC screen with any version. You can experiment yourself with any other combination, it can stand like conventional monitors or lay down like paper. The LAPSCREEN weights around 350-400 grams and is roughly similar in size to A4 paper / US letter.

There is currently a 10-point multi-touch version available, as well as a non-touch version. Whether you are on a business trip, with the need to give presentations in different locations, a student constantly working on different projects or just a casual traveler that needs an extra screen, the LAPSCREEN is the solution for you. 

The monitor has a Full HD Panel with a thickness of less than 4mm and no bezel on the sides and top. It is invented by Michél Haese as portable and endless combinable multi-screen which is exclusively produced by faytech.

Below is a link to the video of Nicolas (Charbax), in which he interviews Arne Weber, founder of faytech and Michél Haese, inventor of LAPSCREEN. In the video Arne shows how the monitor connects to the Huawei P20, and how the LAPSCREEN works as the "brain" of the LAPSCREEN, while Michél creates a complete work station with his notebook and shares the idea behind the invention.

LAPSCREEN – “the 3rd evolution of mobile computing” – full HD portable (touch-)Monitor

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