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New gesture recognition for touch monitors

faytech provides from now on the new developed gesture recognition tool for faytech touch monitors. You can download the software here.

faytech's gesture recognition tool supports 26 gestures. You can assign almost any action to the gestures. There are predefined actions such as for example "Show Desktop" or "open your default browser," free definable actions, where you can open any program by doing the defined gesture and there are hot-key functions as an action.

As an example, you could specify the following for your faytech touch monitor:
Gesture to the Right: web browser will open
Upward gesture: mouse wheel up
Downward gesture: Mouse wheel down
Circle as a gesture: show desktop
Gesture to the Left: spreadsheet is started
Gesture obliquely upward: Hotkey Alt + F10 is executed

By the 26 available gestures you can optimize your faytech touch monitor the way that it best suits your needs and you can use your touch monitor much more effective. The gesture recognition tool is useable under Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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