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Taxi application and forklift terminal

faytech's Taxi application

Taxi application

For one of faytech's projects, we needed to fit a Touch PC into a Taxi, and with our skilled engineers we managed to customize a V40 based powerful QuadCore PC to fit perfectly to this application. It is called the Taxi PC, which is exclusively produced for tipp2GO, and has a GPIO to connect with e.g. taximeter, seat contact and reversing camera, an 8~36V DC-IN with capacitor to bypass short power losses. The Taxi PC has 3G, loudspeakers and an integrated microphone set up which supports the 'push-to-talk' functionality for the Taxi-MICs, and furthermore, it possesses GPS with an accelerometer in order to precisely calculate the position of the Taxi. This entire equipment is connected via an easy to integrate AIO-cable into faytech's special 7" Capacitive Optically bonded touch display. This in combination with the software, installation and support service of tipp2GO makes it the perfect solution for any transportation platform in need of mobile in-Car Solutions.

Today, this device is already being used in several large Taxi fleets across Europe, including the Taxi fleet of Taxi Janssen, which is one of the top 10 taxi-operation companies in Germany.


Forklift terminal

faytech's touch PCs are perfectly suited to be used as forklift terminals! All components are firmly embedded in the robust housing and protected against any vibration that might occur while using the forklift. With its extended temperature range and fanless design, our industrial-grade products can be used with great reliability in even the harshest environments. The devices have several USB and serial interfaces for the connection of scanners, bar code printers or other external machines. On top of that, faytech is able to integrate the modular voltage extension to be used between 8~36 V, which is perfect for any forklift power supply. In short, faytech's Touch PCs are a great solution for any data acquisition system.

See here one example of our 10" Resistive Touch PC integrated as forklift terminal.

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