DRB Systems, Inc.


This terminal is no fair-weather friend. Designed to withstand extreme conditions, this rugged touch screen delivers the reliability you need when used at or near your car wash tunnel entrance. You can use the versatile Outdoor Touch Terminal with a wide range of SiteWatch peripherals, including our receipt printer, magnetic card reader, barcode scanner, and FastPass reader. Mounted on a wall or desktop stand, it provides a convenient terminal position at your tunnel entrance.


Hong Kong

For NEC Hong Kong faytech developed waterproof, rugged 7" resistive Touchscreen Monitors for the demanding usage in buses all over the world. To make installation safe and easy faytech added polarity protection, to make the long term operation reliable faytech included overvoltage protection and made the units surviving the harshest load dump tests, passing successful even 174V @ 1Ohm for 350ms. Additional the stable stand and the easy operation incl. brightness auto sensing and brightness buttons make faytech's 7" TM the perfect choice for operation in any bus. Additionally, faytech's 21.5" monitor with glass protected front and the rubber casing are the perfect and safe choice in buses for customer information purposes.