Corporate Governance of faytech AG (Germany)​

Code of Conduct

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Our Code of Conduct is intended to be a guideline for the entire faytech AG and therefore applies equally to all of us. It is specifically addressed to the top management, the executives and all our employees and suppliers.

Working Conditions & Human Rights

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All managers, employees and business partners are expected to comply with applicable laws and other relevant regulations in Germany and abroad in all company-related decisions and actions. In the context of this document, particular attention is paid to human rights and working conditions.

Occupational Safety Guideline

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We understand occupational health and safety to refer to the measures, means and methods used to protect our employees from work-related safety and health hazards. Our primary goal is to prevent occupational accidents and protect the health of our employees and third parties.

Environmental Protection Guideline

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The protection of the environment and climate protection are important to us. Our employees are required to treat all natural resources used in our company (e.g. energy and water) with care.

Fire Safety Guideline

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This fire protection guideline regulates the requirements for general and use-related fire prevention, firefighting, and safety in faytech AG facilities. Furthermore, it defines generally binding duties of care.

Certificates, Statements and Declarations​