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1. General 总则

The General Terms and Conditions herein shall be agreed and adhered to for the entirety of the business relationship between the contract partner and faytech. These General Terms and Conditions shall apply exclusively to all matters pertaining to the business relationship between faytech and the customer. These General Terms and Conditions shall govern and be binding on the contract partner and take precedence and supercede any contracts, agreements, or terms and conditions that are not authored or expressly agreed to by faytech.

在合同方与faytech的整个业务关系中,应同意并遵守本通用条款和条件。这些一般条款和条件应适用于与faytech和客户之间的业务关系有关的所有事项。本通用条款和条件适用于合同的合同作伙伴并对其具有约束力,优先并取代非由faytech 撰写或明确同意的任何合同、协议或条款和条件。

2. Definition of a Concluded Contract 已订立合同的定义

2.1 Any offers by faytech are not binding unless they are expressly designated as binding. They are particularly subject to faytech being supplied, to stocks and prior sale.

除非被明确指定为具有约束力,否则 faytech 的任何报价均不具有约束力。它们尤其取决于 faytech 的供应、库存和预售。

2.1.1 A binding contract will be entered into and exist between faytech and the contracted party through the provision of written confirmation of an order or by delivery of goods provided to fulfill an order. Written form such as, but not limited to, e-mail, fax and suchlike shall be sufficient to meet the requirement of a written agreement and will thus be binding in effect.


2.1.2 In relation to non-merchants, a written confirmation of an order together with the General Terms and Conditions shall be considered to constitute a new and binding offering from faytech and if there is no response within seven days, acceptance of the goods shall be considered to be confirmation of the intent to accept said offering. Receipt of a declaration of acceptance shall be waived.

对于非商户,订单的书面确认结合一般条款和条件应被视为构成 faytech 新的和有约束力的要约,如果在七天内没有回应,货物的接受应被视为对接受上述要约的意向的确认。接受声明不予受理。

2.2 Any errors in telephonic or electronic communication shall be to the detriment of the party that used the communication device (e.g. the caller).


2.3 faytech reserves all rights and shall own all IP contained within quotations, charts, drawings, technical descriptions and explanations that may be provided to the contracted party. These may not be reproduced, reused or disseminated brought to any third party without the prior express written consent of faytech.

faytech 保留所有权利,并拥有可能提供给签约方的报价单、图表、图纸、技术说明和解释中包含的所有知识产权。未经 faytech 事先明确的书面同意,不得将这些内容复制、再利用或传播给任何第三方。

2.4 When registering or providing information to faytech, the customer is under a duty to state true particulars. If customer details change, in particular the customer’s name, address, e-mail address, telephone number or bank account details, the customer is under a duty to notify faytech of said change without undue delay. If the customer fails to provide such information, or if the customer gives false details from the outset, faytech reserves the right to rescind the contract or to claim damages. Revocation or cancellation of the agreement shall be declared in writing. Sending an e-mail shall also be sufficient to meet the requirement of writing. The customer must ensure that the e-mail address, which the customer has given, can be reached at the time when it is given, and that the possibility of receiving e-mail messages is not excluded because of message forwarding or because the e-mail account has been closed or is full.


3. Delivery 送货

3.1 The delivery period shall not commence before the documents, approvals and releases that are necessary in order to implement the contract have been provided and not before any agreed down payment by the customer has been received.


3.2 Any unforeseen impediment to delivery (e.g. industrial action or force majeure that should cause faytech to not be supplied on time), for which faytech is not answerable, shall entitle faytech to extend the delivery period by the duration of the disruption up to a maximum of eight weeks.


3.3 In addition faytech reserves the right to rescind if – despite having concluded a congruent hedging transaction – faytech is itself not supplied, or is not supplied in time.


4. Reservation of Title 保留所有权

4.1 The goods shall remain the property of faytech until payment has been made in full. The reservation of title extends to the satisfaction of all claims arising out of the business relationship and also applies to any claims that arise in future before title has passed. The reserved goods therefore serve as security for the respective balance from time to time. The customer assigns their claims arising out of any re-sale, including value added tax, as well as the consideration for the rights and claims that serve as security for the re-sale, to faytech in advance. In the event of any re-sale with the customer’s own or third-party property the assignment shall be effected only in the amount of faytech’s purchase price claim.

在全额付款之前,货物仍为 faytech 的财产。所有权保留延伸至满足业务关系中产生的所有索赔,也适用于所有权转移之前未来产生的任何索赔。因此,保留的货物将作为相应余额的担保。客户提前将其因再销售而产生的索赔权(包括增值税)以及作为再销售担保的权利和索赔权的对价转让给 faytech。如果转售的是客户自己的或第三方的财产,则该转让只适用于 faytech 的购买价格索

4.2 The customer is authorized to re-sell in the ordinary course of business. The customer may neither pledge the item delivered nor transfer ownership thereof by way of security. faytech must be notified before delivery of any rights of third parties that may affect the reserved goods.

客户有权在正常经营过程中进行再销售。客户不得抵押所交付的货物,也不得以担保方式转让其所有权。如果第三方的任何权利可能影响到保留货物,则必须在交货前通知 faytech。

4.3 Any further processing of delivered goods shall, as far as faytech is concerned, be performed as a refiner without any liabilities thereby accruing to faytech. In particular, this provision does not constitute a mandate. The reservation of title shall continue in the converted a rticle to the extent described (extended and prolonged).

就 faytech 而言,对交付货物的任何进一步加工均应作为精炼商进行,而 faytech 无需承担任何责任。特别是,本条款不构成授权。所有权保留应在转换后的条款中继续有效(扩展和延长)。

4.4 The customer shall remain entitled to assert debts arising out of re-sale against third parties in his own name. This authorization to collect debts shall lapse when the customer is in default.


4.5 The customer must notify any access by third parties to the reserved goods, including assigned claims, to faytech immediately and without any undue delay. Damage arising out of any breach of this duty to notify, e.g. because of a belated filing or failure to file a third-party action against enforcement, shall be borne by the customer.

客户必须立即通知 faytech 任何第三方对保留货物的访问,包括已转让的债权,不得无故拖延。因违反此通知义务而造成的损失,例如由于迟交文件或未能向第三方提起诉讼反对执行而造成的损失,应由客户承担。

4.6 faytech undertakes to release the security as soon as the realisable value thereof exceeds the outstanding debts owed to faytech by more than 10 %.

faytech 承诺,一旦抵押物的可变现价值超过欠 faytech 债务的 10%,faytech 将立即解除抵押。

5. Price 价格

5.1 In dealings with non-merchants faytech shall charge the agreed price provided that the delivery date is not more than four months after placement of the order.

在与非商户的交易中,只要交货日期不超过订单下达后四个月,faytech 将收取约定的价格。

5.2 In dealings with merchants faytech shall charge the latest list price. The same shall apply in dealings with non-merchants if the delivery date is more than four months after placement of the order. If there is no list price, the price used in advertisements at that time shall apply (cf. Clause 5.3).

在与商家的交易中,faytech 将按最新的标价收费。在与非商户的交易中,如果交货日期在下订单后四个月以上,则应同样适用最新的价格。如果没有标价,则以当时的广告价格为准(参见第 5.3 条)。

5.3 In cases which fall under Clause 5.2, faytech’s contract partners, who are not merchants, shall have a right to cancel an order if they prove that the average market price on the day of delivery is exceeded by more than 20 %.

在第 5.2 条规定的情况下,如果 faytech 的合同合作伙伴(非商家)证明价格超出交货当日的平均市场价格20% 以上,则有权取消订单。

5.4 Price agreements with non-merchants include value added tax; price agreements with merchants do not include value added tax. All prices apply ex warehouse and do not include packaging, carriage or insurance.


5.5 Prices are in USD unless otherwise stated. In foreign transactions the currency is the currency that was the subject of the contract negotiations.


6. Payment 付款方式

6.1 Invoices are due immediately upon receipt of goods.


6.1.1 They must be paid by bank transfer.


6.1.2 A sum credited in a bank transfer or direct debit processes does not mean that payment has been made. Rather, payment is effected only once the credited amount has become final and irrevocable on faytech’s accounts. Until then the retention of title (Clause 4) shall continue to be fully in effect. This shall also apply to payments made by bill of exchange or cheque.

银行转账或直接借记过程中的贷记金额并不意味着已付款。更确切地说,只有当入账金额在 faytech 账户上成为不可撤销的最终金额时,付款才生效。在此之前,所有权保留(第4条)将继续完全有效。这也适用于汇票或支票付款。

6.2 Deductions are not permitted unless they have been expressly agreed to by faytech. It is agreed that any trade practice to the contrary shall not apply. Counterclaims may be offset only if the claim is undisputed.

除非 faytech 明确同意,否则不允许扣款。双方同意,任何相反的贸易惯例均不适用。反索赔只有在索赔无争议的情况下才能抵消。

6.3 Payments received shall be appropriated first to all due claims in the order in which they arose. The contract partner’s right to make unilateral stipulations regarding satisfaction, is excluded for the entire contractual relationship.


6.4 If a claim under Clauses 6.1 and 6.3 is still outstanding five days after the occurrence of default, faytech shall charge default interest in the amount of eight percentage points above the base interest rate.

如果在违约发生五天后,第 6.1 条和第 6.3 条规定的索赔仍未结清,faytech 将按基准利率上浮八个百分点收取违约利息。

6.5 Default occurs when a dunning notice is given, however, no later than the 30th day after the due date and receipt of an invoice or equivalent payment demand has been made.

违约在发出催款通知时发生,但不得迟于到期日和收到发票或同等付款要求后的第 30 天。

6.6 Notwithstanding Clause 6.4, faytech may prove that the loss caused by a default is greater and the contract partner may be able to prove that the loss caused by default is lower.

尽管有第 6.4 条的规定,faytech 可以证明违约造成的损失更大,而合同方可以证明违约造成的损失更小。

6.7 All claims by faytech shall become due altogether and any deferment of payment granted shall end if one of the following cases occurs: The customer is in default with performance of an obligation, if it becomes known that a bill of exchange or cheque is protested (irrespective of whether this is against third parties), the customer stops making his payments, is over indebted or insolvency proceedings over his assets are opened or the opening of such proceedings is denied because of a lack of assets.

如果出现以下情况之一,faytech的所有索赔将全部到期,任何延期付款将终止: 客户不履行义务、汇票或支票被拒付(无论是否针对第三方)、客户停止付款、负债过高或对其资产启动破产程序或因资产不足而拒绝启动此类程序。

6.8 In cases that fall under Clause 6.7 faytech shall have the option between rescission, damages, a right to payment in advance or the provision of appropriate security. Unless otherwise agreed in an individual arrangement, only a bank guarantee will be considered appropriate security.

在第 6.7 条规定的情况下,faytech 可以选择撤销合同、损害赔偿、提前付款或提供适当的担保。除非在个别安排中另有约定,否则只有银行保函才被视为适当的担保。

7. The Bearing of Risk 承担风险

7.1 Irrespective of the place of performance, the statutory rules governing sales by delivery to a place other than the place of performance (at the request of the customer) shall always apply to deliveries by faytech. The contract partner shall bear the risk with effect from handover to an appropriate carrier. Any agreement on carriage-paid delivery in the individual case shall not change this.

无论合同履行地在哪里,faytech 公司的交货均应遵守合同履行地以外的交货地销售(应客户要求)的法律规定。合同方应承担自交付给适当的承运人起生效的风险。在个别情况下,任何关于运费已付交货的协议都不会改变这一点。

7.2 Returns are carried at the customer’s risk, unless the customer is exercising a statutory warranty right due to defects.


8. Warranty for Defects 缺陷保修

8.1 The limitation period for the statutory warranty for defects in quality or workmanship is limited by faytech to a period of 2 to 5 years, depending on your purchase.

faytech 对质量或工艺缺陷的法定保修期限为 2 至 5 年,具体取决于您购买的产品。

8.1.1 Windows licenses and DCDCs installed are excluded from return in any form.

已安装的 Windows 许可证和 DCDC 不允许以任何形式退货。

8.2 Deliveries must be inspected immediately upon receipt. Any manifest defects must be reported without undue delay. In the event of any failure to meet this obligation the warranty for it is excluded.


8.2.1 Damage to the packaging or to the goods delivered must be reported to and confirmed by the carrier. In addition the damage must be reported to faytech. Damage that is not immediately manifest must be reported without undue delay after discovery.

包装或交付货物的损坏必须向承运人报告并由承运人确认。此外,必须向 faytech 报告损坏情况。非立即显现的损坏必须在发现后立即报告,不得无故拖延。

8.2.2 faytech must be notified without undue delay after discovery in the event of any failure to deliver, belated delivery, wrong delivery, delivery of too much or too little, or defective delivery. Reference is made to the duty to inspect.

在发现任何未交付、延迟交付、错误交付、交付过多或过少或有缺陷的交付后,必须及时通知 faytech。参见检验责任。

8.2.3 For non-merchants the following shall apply in lieu of the provisions in Clauses 8.2.1 – 8.2.2: Damage in transit must be reported as described. For all other damage the following applies: Any manifest defects must be reported within seven days. Any hidden defects must be reported within the statutory warranty periods.

对于非商户,应适用以下条款代替第 8.2.1 – 8.2.2 条的规定: 运输途中的损坏必须如实报告。对于所有其他损坏,适用以下规定: 任何明显缺陷必须在七天内报告。任何隐性缺陷必须在法定保修期内报告。

8.3 If the purchased goods are defective, faytech shall have a right of subsequent performance, by either, repair or remedying of the defect or by delivering goods that are free from defects. faytech can refuse subsequent performance if it involves excessively high costs. Any repair shall be made at faytech’s place of business. Any on site service in deviation from this provision shall only be carried out on the basis of a separate agreement.

如果所购货物存在缺陷,faytech有权通过维修、弥补缺陷或交付无缺陷货物的方式进行后续履约。如果涉及过高的成本,faytech可以拒绝后续履约。任何维修应在 faytech 的营业地进行。任何与此规定不符的现场服务只能在单独协议的基础上进行。

8.4 Any goods intended to be returned must be properly packed. Damage in transit caused because of improper packaging shall be borne by the customer. Only the original packaging shall be deemed to be proper packaging. faytech shall fulfill its obligation to take back packaging even after expiry of the statutory warranty periods.

任何打算退回的货物必须妥善包装。因包装不当造成的运输损坏应由客户承担。只有原包装才被视为适当包装。即使在法定保修期过后,faytech 仍应履行其收回包装的义务。

8.5 After repair has failed twice or if faytech refuses subsequent performance, the customer can rescind the contract or can reduce the purchase price by declaration to faytech (price reduction). There shall be no right to damages. By contrast, in the case of mainframe installations the agreed upon test run time shall be the decisive determinant for warranty period validity. faytech’s right to repair shall only lapse after the expiry thereof.


9. Duty to Take Back and Dispose of Goods 收回和处置货物的责任

9.1 Disposal after Useful Life 使用寿命结束后的处置

faytech is exempted by the customer from to take back goods pursuant to any statutory laws or obligations relating to the disposal of products after their useful life has ended. This also applies to associated claims by third parties. When use of the delivered goods has finished, the customer must dispose of them at his own cost in accordance with the statutory provisions.

在产品使用寿命结束后,faytech 无需根据任何与产品处置相关的法定法律或义务收回货物。这也适用于第三方的相关索赔。当交付货物的使用结束后,客户必须根据法律规定自费处理货物。

9.2 Regulation with regard to Drop Shipments 有关直接发货的规定

If the customer passes goods delivered by faytech on to commercial third parties, it is the customer’s duty to oblige said third party to properly dispose of the goods in accordance with any statutory obligations and be liable for any charges or costs incurred thereof. If the goods are passed on again to another party a corresponding duty must then also be imparted onto the buyer. In the event that third parties, to whom goods have been delivered by faytech or those that have been passed on, faytech will not be obliged or liable to contractually assume the disposal obligation or to pass said obligation on due to an omission on the part of the customer. The customer shall be under the obligation to take back and properly dispose of the goods delivered by faytech when they are no longer used and to do so at his cost and in accordance with statutory provisions. The customer is under a duty to document the proper transference of this obligation. He must be able to prove this transference to faytech at any time.

如果客户将 faytech 交付的货物转交给商业第三方,则客户有义务要求该第三方按照任何法定义务妥善处理货物,并承担由此产生的任何费用或成本。如果货物再次转给另一方,买方也必须承担相应的责任。如果 faytech 已将货物交付给第三方或货物已转给第三方,则 faytech 没有义务或责任承担合同规定的处置义务,或由于客户的疏忽而将上述义务转给第三方。 当 faytech 交付的货物不再使用时,客户有义务收回并妥善处理这些货物,并根据法律规定承担费用。客户有责任记录这一义务的适当转移。客户必须能够在任何时候向 faytech 证明该义务的转移。

9.3 Suspension of the Limitation Period 时效中止

faytech’s right to be indemnified by the customer shall last for the first two years after use of the equipment has ceased. The two-year suspension of the limitation period shall start to run upon receipt by faytech of a written notification by the customer that use of the equipment has ceased.

faytech 获得客户赔偿的权利应持续到设备停止使用后的前两年。在 faytech 收到客户关于停止使用设备的书面通知后,两年的时效中止期将开始计算。

10. Limited Liability 有限责任

10.1 faytech shall only be liable for provable gross negligence. This also applies to liability for staff, agents and third parties used or employed by faytech.

faytech仅对可证明的重大过失负责。这也适用于 faytech 使用或雇佣的员工、代理和第三方的责任。

10.2 Liability for ordinary negligence and, to the extent permitted by statute, for intermediate negligence is excluded. This also applies to liability for staff, agents and third parties used or employed by faytech.


10.3 The liability of faytech’s staff is limited in accordance with Clauses 10.1 – 10.2.

根据第10.1 – 10.2条,faytech员工的责任是有限的。

10.4 The above limitation of liability under Clause 10.1 – 10.3 applies to compensation for damage caused by a defect or to consequential damage caused by a defect, irrespective of the pre-contractual, contractual or non-contractual basis of the claim, provided that the contract partner’s body, life or health was not affected or the breach is not a breach of a material contractual obligations.

上述第 10.1 – 10.3 条款下的责任限制适用于因缺陷造成的损害赔偿,或因缺陷造成的间接损害赔偿,不论索赔的依据是合同前、合同或非合同,只要合同方的身体、生命或健康未受影响,或违约行为未违反重要的合同义务。

11. Exclusion of Liability 免责条款

Any failure to receive a consignment must be reported to faytech within two weeks following issue of the invoice or knowledge of the dispatch. Any failure to so notify faytech shall exclude faytech from any liability whatsoever.

任何未收到货物的情况必须在发票开具或知道发货后两周内向 faytech 报告。任何未通知 faytech 的行为将免除 faytech 的任何责任。

12. Export Transactions 出口交易

12.1 Legal notice: Goods delivered by faytech may be subject to local or international export controls and embargos. Any export and import, re-export or re-import to third countries is only permitted with the consent of the competent authorities and is the sole responsibility of the contract partner.

法律声明: faytech 交付的货物可能会受到当地或国际出口管制和禁运的限制。任何出口和进口、再出口或再进口到第三国的行为只有在获得主管当局的同意后才被允许,并且完全由合同方负责。

12.2 It is up to the contract partner to check and be aware of any issues related to Clause 12.1 on a case by case basis and at their own risk and peril.

合同方应根据具体情况检查和了解与第 12.1 条有关的任何问题,并自行承担风险。

12.3 Likewise, it is up to the contract partner to advise their customers of any potential issues or risk associated with Clause 12.1 and to use their influence to ensure that any existing obligations are met and fulfilled by either themselves or their customer.

同样,合同方也应告知其客户与第 12.1 条相关的任何潜在问题或风险,并利用自身影响力确保其自身或其客户履行和完成任何现有义务。

13. Place of Performance 履约地点

The place of performance shall be faytech’s registered office.

履约地点应为 faytech 的注册办事处。

14. Place of Jurisdiction 管辖地

14.1 The place of jurisdiction shall be faytech’s registered shall be the People’s Republic of China.


14.2 The provision applies to contractual relations with merchants, public-sector legal entities and public-sector special funds or bodies. For non-merchants the statutory rules shall continue to apply.


15. Applicable Law 适用法律

The laws and provisions of the People’s Republic of China shall apply in all matters.


16. Written Form 书面形式

Any amendments and additions (individual agreements) must be made in writing.


17. Scope of Application 适用范围

These General Terms and Conditions apply to any and all contracted parties unless otherwise stipulated in writing.


18. Valid Date 有效时间

From : 27th Mar, 2018.