The EASY Shopper sets trend worldwide!

The EASY Shopper sets trend worldwide!

With its Dash Cart, the online retailer Amazon now relies on smart shopping carts to automate supermarket shopping – an innovative concept that the EASY Shopper, exclusively manufactured by faytech, implemented in supermarkets since 2017!

“We produced already more than two thousand intelligent shopping carts and more than one million times shoppers enjoyed an enhanced shopping journey at more and more locations of the German supermarket chain EDEKA. The concept has proven itself, customers, media and test magazines praise the “most modern shopping cart in the world” following EDEKAs marketing – and that way before the first Amazon store starts its test phase later this year.”  says Arne Weber, founding manager of faytech AG.

Just like Amazon’s Dash Cart, the EASY Shopper is based on an almost completely automated shopping experience – with the difference that it is already in mass roll out since 2019. The business model is proven and successful. The features include a multi-touch screenGPS receiverWi-Fian appa scalecamerasbar code scanner and more. The technology allows the cart to track what is scanned and placed in the cart. As with the Amazon Dash Cart, customers can use the touch screen on the front to navigate through products, integrate a shopping list or enter coupon codes. In addition, all information can be easily transferred via the EASY Shopper app. Market operators, in turn, can store their special offers and promotional coupons. In addition, weighing sensors record the quantity of weight-dependent products such as fruit and vegetables. The GPS helps to navigate through the store and find the desired product in the shortest possible time. faytech has developed the EASY Shopper in cooperation with Pentland Firth Software GmbH.

“The EASY Shopper is the perfect solution for the automation of supermarkets or similar stores, offering customers and retailers a completely new shopping experience. The fact that a huge company like Amazon is now also focusing on this trend shows that we correctly assessed the potential of this technology years ago. With our innovative solution, however, we offer retailers and supermarkets an alternative that makes them independent of the ecosystem of large online retailers, such as Amazon.” explains Frank Heinrich, CEO of Pentland Firth Software GmbH.

Let us not sit back and watch how Amazon takes over your core market with their technology but fight back with our proven and well running solution! Would you be interested in co-operating with us and implement the EASY Shopper into your chain? Contact us directly, for any project inquiries or more information at +49 5542 30374 10 or

An introduction video of the EASY Shopper can be found here!