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Digital Smartboard for Meetings, Seminars and Conferences

Discover Faytech’s cutting-edge whiteboard solution series.
A True Optical Bonding Interactive Flat Panel Displays (IFPDs).

The 86″ is stocked and ready to order!
65″ and 75″ available for project requests

Key features

Faytech’s whiteboards allows you to explore the world of interactive teamwork in an even more cost-effective way. These amazing screens transform the way you communicate, collaborate, and interact with your audience or team. Thanks to their easy-to-use touch interface, vivid visuals, and seamless connection to digital content, these displays give you the power to create impressive presentations, make learning more engaging, and make teamwork smoother, especially in business settings. You can write, draw, and share ideas in a whole new way, making your work and learning experiences more interactive and exciting.

Available Screen Sizes

Use Cases for Interactive Whiteboards

Benefits of True Optical Bonding

True Optical Bonding

Fast touch response & high accuracy.

Screen The surface is leveled evenly and without visual impairment.

Zero Bonding

Potential slight delay in touch response & relatively lower accuracy

Screen leveling may fluctuate to some degree with potential irregularities

Air Gap (no bonding)

Likely delay in touch response and higher chance of misdirected accuracy

Average screen leveling with a border that may affects the visual quality

Included 48MP Webcam

Perfect for video conferences, these displays come equipped with built-in microphones and cameras, making communication a cinch. Their tough design, featuring tempered glass and shatter-proof cover glass, ensures durability, and their slim, lightweight frame makes them easy to mount anywhere. Built for long-term use in offices and classrooms, these whiteboards are fully customizable to suit your specific needs. Plus, with true optical bonding technology, they provide the sharpest and most vivid display in the industry, enhancing the user experience.

All-in-one solution

48MP Resolution
110° Field of View

Face Tracking
Sound Source Localization

Large microphone array
for rooms up to 25sqm

Echo Elimination & Environmental Noise Suppression

More Features


SPCC Steel
Mobile Stand


Android OS with 20+ Apps


Whiteboard Styluses

OPS Specifications (on project request)

Open Pluggable Specification: Windows 10 & 11, Linux


In many locations there is limited space for advertising or information displays. Think about supermarket shelves, convenience stores, transportation hubs such as metros and train stations, as well as airports. Additionally, these displays are quite the eye-catcher and ensures that the uniquely created content is being watched by shoppers and passers-by.

Besides the 48.5” with 16:3 ratio, we also offer other custom sizes, such as 28” with 16:3 ratio, 36.6” with 20:3 ratio and 58.4” with 32:9 ratio. Additionally, there are many other sizes and ratios that faytech offers upon request as well. So, let us know what sizes you would be interested in for your project, and we will get back to you!

Yes, we produced a high brightness version with 1000 cd/m2 brightness, which is perfect for semi-outdoor environments. Additionally, with our expertise in case manufacturing we are also able to produce a complete IP65 module able to be used in full outdoor environments.

Stretched displays, or strip-type displays are in many cases produced using a standard format open cell (e.g. 16:9, 16:10, 5:4 or 4:3) and ‘cutting’ it into stretched displays. However, doing so will allow for unclean sealing, which allows for bleeding, temperature and general quality issues in the long run, due to it not being sealed properly.

faytech’s strip-type displays however are custom produced open cell modules, specifically made for these sizes. This will allow the quality to be just as good as any other standard display.

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