Points To Remember Before Choosing A Touchscreen Display

Over decades, technology has seen unmatchable evolution, and as the world is changing, the technological industry is becoming sustainable and comfortable. Looking around will make you realize that the world is at your fingertips now as the technology…
Why capacitive touch will change your lifefaytech AG

Why capacitive touch will change your life

Home appliances and technological equipment are ingrained in our daily lives, and we've grown accustomed to the switches, pushbuttons, knobs, and keyboards that operate them. A new class of control components has arisen gradually but steadily,…
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How to choose an industrial pc?

What is an Industrial Panel PC? The industrial sector has been revolutionized by automation. It has not only given rise to dynamic new market goals and unique cost-cutting opportunities, but it has also removed redundancies and boosted efficiencies…
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How Capacitive Touchscreens and Proximity Sensors Work

Remember when we had to physically press buttons to get our devices to do something? Sensors are already replacing buttons, and membrane switches in a wide range of consumer electronic products, from smartphones, tablets, capacitive touch…
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