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“Industrial control systems are integrated software and hardware designed to regulate and control the operation of machinery and associated devices in industrial environments. In most cases, a human-machine interface (HMI), such as a touchscreen, is connected to the system to create the best visual representation of the data for the operator.”

One of faytech’s biggest strength lies in the reliability and quality of the displays, as well as the long-term availability, especially in the Industrial field. faytech’s Touch PCs and Monitors are already implemented in many projects across the globe, running 24/7 in especially harsh environments.

This segment focuses on touchscreens used in or around machinery for manufacturing, food & beverage, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, power generation, fluid handling and material handling. These screens can be used as machine control panels, factory automation displays, Monitoring screens and as Human Machine Interface (HMI).

Available in various sizes as either capacitive touch monitors or PCs with V40, N4200 or i5-Core mainboard inside. faytech’s resistive or capacitive devices can easily be integrated or mounted on the factory floor linked to your own PC or with our All-In-One solution. Especially faytech’s Open Frame Touch Monitors are suitable to be integrated into any machine, using the clamp support solutions! With the endless possible connector options, touch sensitivity adjustments (to work with gloves or in rainy circumstances), as well as case and peripheral customizations, would faytech’s touch solutions work perfect in your industrial environment! Additionally, we can build in an ignition controller or DC-DC converter, ensuring the power spikes from machinery will not affect the display.

Suitable sizes to be used in machinery and as control panels:
7″ – 27″ Touch Monitors and PCs

Project Examples

In order to safely communicate between the individual forklifts and headquarters, a touch PC is installed within the cabin of the heavy duty forklifts.


  • Complete IP65 water-, and dustproof housing with case for rugged environments
  • Wireless connection and 3G module
  • High brightness for increased visibility

Touchscreen PC for machinery control

For the art projects of BBM Epkot, automatically moving robots had faytech’s 7″ display installed onto the frame. 

It is shown as a handy display to show the visitors and participants what the art gallery is about.



  • DC-DC converter to avoid risk of short relays
  • Multiple audio and visual connectors
  • Customized case with hidden buttons

This car wash required a control panel which can withstand the most extreme weathers in an outdoor environment.



  • Powerful Intel® Pentium® N4200 processor inside.
  • Complete IP65 water-, and dustproof housing completely customized
  • Automatic brightness adjustment sensor
  • Several peripherals connections available, such as receipt printer, magnetic card reader, barcode scanner and Fast Pass reader

The CVP Automated Packaging Solutions are inline auto-packers. Using 3D scanning technology these packaging systems size, construct and label each custom order, creating the perfect right sized package in just a matter of seconds. To allow employees to operate the automated packaging machine, faytech’s 15” Capacitive touch monitor is mounted and connected at the side of the machine as an interactive display.



  • 10-point capacitive multi-touch
  • Adjusted touch sensitivity, to allow functionality with gloves
  • Solid mounting using the VESA 100 holes on the back

Production of rubber and plastic products is serious business, and ContiTech knows it well. Complex machinery co-operating at the same time at the production line requires reliable and precise Touch PC unit to control it – exactly what is delivered by faytech’s 19″ Touchscreen PC.

Used together with production line machinery, this Touch PC allows the automatization of assembly processes, measurement of real-time production status and output and overall improvement of analytical capabilities and data-mining.

Intelligent industry, powered by Intel

A large part of faytech’s Industrial solutions are directly powered by Intel® processors (Apollo Lake and Kaby Lake U), which have the following highlights:

  • Performance optimized for Industrial IoT – Intel® processors deliver power-efficient performance and specialized capabilities for new industrial use cases, such as applications which use faytech’s solutions, including but not limited to machinery, control panels and forklifts.
  • Built-in foundation of security – Hardware-based security is very important in the industrial field. Intel security capabilities help to protect data and systems throughout any application in the industrial field.1
  • Seamless connectivity – Thanks to Intel, faytech’s solutions offer broad connectivity support through its ecosystem for efficient data sharing between devices and the cloud, which works perfect in-line with industrial applications.
  • Designed for reliability – Intel products are designed for high reliability and a long lifetime with a commitment of guaranteed availability of 15 years2 , which in turn allows faytech’s solutions to have a long lifetime and availability.

1 No computer system can be absolutely secure. Check with your system manufacturer or retailer, or learn more at intel.com

2 IOTG product availability:15-year availability spans from Intel corporation introduction of component family (initial Intel launch date) to last shipments. Component family introduction dates are available at ark.intel.com

Touch Technologies

  • Capacitive Touch Panels
  • Resistive Touch Panels

Touch Sensors

  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • In-house design
  • In-house firmware tuning
    • Gloves & water (raindrops adjustments)
    • Capacitive Touch Stylus support

Optical Bonding

  • Reduce reflection by about 65%
  • Increase overall brightness by roughly 10%
  • No fogging or dust within the display
  • Enhances the ruggedization of the display

Coating Technologies

  • Kastus Antimicrobial coating (antibacterial & antiviral)
    • Effective results against Human Coronavirus
    • active 24/7, day and night
  • Ultraviolet (UV) + Infrared (IR) blocking coating
  • Glare / Anti-Glare glass surface
  • Anti-fingerprint coating

Display Panels & Cover Glass

  • High brightness tuning: 1000 / 2500+ cd/m2
  • 100k hours backlight possibility
  • Full array & Edge backlight available
  • Cover glass thickness, design & printing

Systems available

  • As monitor (without PC mainboard)
  • As PC
    • Intel® Pentium® / Celeron® N4200 / N3350
    • Intel® Core i5-7300u / i7-7600U / i3-7100U
    • ARM V40 Cortex A7

Standard products to be used in machinery or as control panels

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