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“Interactive screens are more important than ever in office spaces and educational institutions and have been slowly replacing traditional blackboards and projectors during the past few years.”

Interactive screens used in classrooms, lecture halls, meeting rooms or auditoriums, add significant value to lectures, presentations, and meetings and become more and more popular for these purposes as overall price decreases.

faytech provides large format interactive displays with up to 40-point capacitive multi-touch and compatibility with the capacitive touch stylus. Possible in Full HD or 4K quality and wide viewing angle, we ensure all the devices are optically bonded and include anti-glare coating, ensuring crisp picture quality, less reflection, increased overall brightness and increased ruggedness.

Besides the easy mounting options using the VESA holes, other customizations can be applied to the case, peripherals, or internal components, ensuring your demand is met.

Suitable sizes for office spaces and educational institutions:
32” – 86” Touch Monitors and PCs

Project Examples

The “V-CUBE Board” is a 65″ Electronic touchscreen table that centrally manages information such as maps and photos by operating a touch panel with a large table-like screen – Additionally the table can be tilted to stand up-right as a blackboard. It is the perfect solution for conference rooms, construction sites or countermeasure rooms (for quick responders during disaster).


  • faytech’s 65” Touch Monitor (4K resolution)
  • 40-point multi-touch (custom)
  • High Brightness (1000+ cd/m2) & Optical Bonding
  • Thick sturdy 15cm Bezel (IK08 rated)
  • Included Capacitive Touch Pen for easy operation

More info: https://jp.vcube.com/service/board#point

In order to effectively visualize presentations and meeting notes, faytech uses their own interactive solutions in the conference and meeting rooms.


  • Optical Bonding and flat edge-to-edge front
  • 86″ with VESA 400 mounting on the back
  • 40-point Capacitive Multi-touch

Education solutions, powered by Intel

Some of faytech’s Educational solutions are directly powered by Intel® processors (Apollo Lake & Kaby Lake U), which have the following highlights:

  • Performance optimized for educationIntel® processors deliver power-efficient performance and specialized capabilities for new use cases with interactive whiteboards and flat panel displays, such as faytech’s interactive touch solutions.
  • Built-in foundation of security – Intel delivers a common foundation of hardware-based security capabilities to help protect data and systems throughout your organization, which helps in both our industrial solutions, but also educational / office applications.1
  • Seamless connectivity – Intel solutions offers broad connectivity support through its ecosystem for efficient data sharing between devices and the cloud, which could be great for connecting educational solutions in this environment.
  • Designed for reliability – Intel products are designed for high reliability and a long lifetime with a commitment of guaranteed availability of 15 years2 , which in turn allows faytech’s solutions to have a long lifetime and availability.

1 No computer system can be absolutely secure. Check with your system manufacturer or retailer, or learn more at intel.com

2 IOTG product availability:15-year availability spans from Intel corporation introduction of component family (initial Intel launch date) to last shipments. Component family introduction dates are available at ark.intel.com

Touch Technologies

  • Without Touch
  • Capacitive Touch Panels

Touch Sensors

  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • In-house design
  • In-house firmware tuning
    • Gloves & water (raindrops adjustments)
    • Capacitive Touch Stylus support

Optical Bonding

  • Reduce reflection by about 65%
  • Increase overall brightness by roughly 10%
  • No fogging or dust within the display
  • Enhances the ruggedization of the display

Coating Technologies

  • Kastus Antimicrobial coating (antibacterial & antiviral)
    • Effective results against Human Coronavirus
    • active 24/7, day and night
  • Ultraviolet (UV) + Infrared (IR) blocking coating
  • Glare / Anti-Glare glass surface
  • Anti-fingerprint coating

Display Panels & Cover Glass

  • High brightness tuning: 1000 / 2500+ cd/m2
  • 100k hours backlight possibility
  • Full array & Edge backlight available
  • Cover glass thickness, design & printing

Systems available

  • As monitor (without PC mainboard)
  • As PC
    • Intel® Pentium® / Celeron® N4200 / N3350
    • Intel® Core i5-7300u / i7-7600U / i3-7100U
    • ARM V40 Cortex A7

Standard products for educational purposes and offices

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