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“There is a significant worldwide growth in the digital signage market, as more and more retail stores, hospitality centers and other public spaces implement (interactive) digital (touch)screens. Especially in the era of contactless engagement, an interactive solution is more important than ever.”

Digital signage is a sub-segment of electronic signage. Digital displays use technologies such as LCD, LED, projection, and e-paper to display digital images, video, web pages, weather data, restaurant menus, or text.

You can find digital signage applications in public spaces, retail stores, transportation systems, stadiums, hospitality centers, museums, restaurants, and corporate premises for the purpose of wayfinding, general info, interaction, marketing, and advertising.

As for faytech, we provide provides different hardware solutions for any digital signage application using (Touch) Monitors, PCs, or Kiosk solutions. The displays can be customized to meet indoor, semi-outdoor or outdoor requirement. Additionally, the solutions can be provided as free-standing, with wall-mount or integration possibilities.

There is a wide range of customization options available, such as the possibility to integrate an (infrared) camera or thermal sensor, RFID-, fingerprint- or laser scanner. Also, you can request a completely customized housing with any combination of buttons and connectors to meet your requirements.

Sub-Category: Transportation

Suitable sizes for digital signage solutions:
19” – 86” Touch Monitors, Kiosks and PCs

Project Examples

Big Lebowski Customer StopperIn order to attract customers into their store, the customer stopper is a real eye-catcher. This display is even able to attract customers in broad daylight.


  • Complete IP65 – water-, and dustproof solution
  • Wireless internet connection and 3G module
  • Optically bonded and High brightness for increased visibility
  • “Sandwich-Board” stable aluminum stand

32" Touch Screen Chloe KioskAs a perfect in-store interactive display solution, faytech supported by providing the complete hardware of the Chloé Kiosk. It is suitable for any indoor situation.


  • Customized cover and kiosk case
  • Installed camera on top
  • Capacitive 10-point multi-touch

Hand Sanitizer Station with 32" Touchscreen Kioskfaytech’s Digital Signage Sanitization Station is the solution for any retail, restaurant, hospitality and other service industries. This Kiosk supports that your organization, customers and guests remain safe and healthy.

In this case, it is used in the canteen of Dell in Germany.


  • Camera and Thermal sensor installed on top
  • Antimicrobial coating technology applied
  • Integrated Hand Sanitizer dispenser

fytech digital signage kiosk at CarsaversTo attract customers and provide an interactive point-of-sale solution able to display digital signage content, faytech installed the kiosk into several shops and locations.


  • Webcam integration
  • Modern, slim and stable design, user-friendly and well-suited for many applications
  • Wide viewing angle
  • high brightness and IP65 water- and dustproof as optional solution

Touch Technologies

  • Without Touch
  • Capacitive Touch Panels
  • Capacitive Touch Panels (with mirrored glass)

Touch Sensors

  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • In-house design
  • In-house firmware tuning
    • Gloves & water (raindrops adjustments)
    • Capacitive Touch Stylus support

Optical Bonding

  • Reduce reflection by about 65%
  • Increase overall brightness by roughly 10%
  • No fogging or dust within the display
  • Enhances the ruggedization of the display

Coating Technologies

  • Kastus Antimicrobial coating (antibacterial & antiviral)
    • Effective results against Human Coronavirus
    • active 24/7, day and night
  • Ultraviolet (UV) + Infrared (IR) blocking coating
  • Glare / Anti-Glare glass surface
  • Anti-fingerprint coating

Display Panels & Cover Glass

  • High brightness tuning: 1000 / 2500+ cd/m2
  • 100k hours backlight possibility
  • Full array & Edge backlight available
  • Cover glass thickness, design & printing

Systems available

  • As Monitor or Kiosk (without PC mainboard)
  • As PC or Kiosk
    • Intel® Pentium® / Celeron® N4200 / N3350
    • Intel® Core i5-7300u / i7-7600U / i3-7100U
    • ARM V40 Cortex A7

Standard products for digital signage

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