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“Touchscreens in the commuter and transport space can be utilized for timely communications, real-time messaging and empowering customers to easily explore the options available to them.”

In this area, the key benefits of digital (touch)screens for users include easy access to the information they need, clear directional wayfinding and real-time updates. Delivering accurate and timely information ensures that customers feel fully informed about where they are going and confident, they will get where they need to be. In general, this category can be considered a sub-category for digital signage, however, we will cover it separately since it requires a more sophisticated solution for moving vehicles, similar as the automotive category.

This category focuses on digital displays implemented in metro stations, airports, train stations or bus stops. Interactive digital screens in this sub-category, are mostly used for in-transit communication (inside vehicles), as waiting area displays, news feed displays, way finders or as travel experience optimizers.

faytech’s (Touch) Monitors, PCs and Kiosks can be turned into a signage or interactive display used for the transportation industry. With the IATF 16949 and E-Mark certification possibilities, the displays can also be mounted inside moving vehicles. Additionally, customizations can be requested, ensuring suitability for indoor, semi-outdoor or outdoor solutions. Also, antimicrobial coating from Kastus® can be applied, ensuring a more hygienic overall solution for areas with high traffic.

Suitable sizes for the transportation industry:
10.1″ – 86″ Touch Monitors, PCs and Kiosks

Project Examples

Bus Touch Monitor

It is the perfect solution for public transportation automation, with faytech’s touch screen and RFID.

It supports both the driver and commuters in providing reliable information and a pass scanner.


  • Complete IP65 water-, and dustproof customized housing
  • Vibration resilient case with customized buttons for brightness control and other options
  • Integrated RFID card reader

55" Outdoor information kiosk by faytechInstallation of the faytech high brightness monitor into the customer’s outdoor kiosk. Great solution for showing time-schedules and digital content while waiting for your bus.


  • Integrated light sensor, to adjust the brightness to the environment
  • Optically Bonded and High brightness monitor
  • Complete IP65 solution, due to the outdoor kiosk case

Open Frame Touch Monitor for Boat Projectfaytech’s Open Frame touch monitors with high brightness are installed inside of a Dutch yacht as navigators. It is perfect for both bright and dark environments as the brightness can be adjusted.


  • Optically bonded and High brightness for increased visibility
  • IP65 water-, and dustproof front
  • Easily integration, due to lightweight version and easy mounting options on the back

Touch Technologies

  • Without Touch
  • Capacitive Touch Panels
  • Capacitive Touch Panels (with mirrored glass)
  • Resistive Touch Panels

Touch Sensors

  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • In-house design
  • In-house firmware tuning
    • Gloves & water (raindrops adjustments)
    • Capacitive Touch Stylus support

Optical Bonding

  • Reduce reflection by about 65%
  • Increase overall brightness by roughly 10%
  • No fogging or dust within the display
  • Enhances the ruggedization of the display

Coating Technologies

  • Kastus Antimicrobial coating (antibacterial & antiviral)
  • Ultraviolet (UV) + Infrared (IR) blocking coating
  • Glare / Anti-Glare glass surface
  • Anti-fingerprint coating

Display Panels & Cover Glass

  • High brightness tuning: 1000 / 2500+ cd/m2
  • 100k hours backlight possibility
  • Full array & Edge backlight available
  • Cover glass thickness, design & printing

Systems available

  • As Monitor or Kiosk (without PC mainboard)
  • As PC or Kiosk
    • Intel® Pentium® / Celeron® N4200 / N3350
    • Intel® Core i5-7300u / i7-7600U / i3-7100U
    • ARM V40 Cortex A7

Standard products to be used in the transportation industry

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