Android 10 & RAM Upgrade Introduction for Embedded TPCs!

Android 10 & RAM Upgrade Introduction for Embedded TPCs!

As you know, faytech’s Embedded Touch PC series with ARM V40 mainboard is very popular among our customers looking for a reliable, cost-effective, yet powerful Quad-Core solution for Android based platforms. These products are generally used in applications such as industrial automation, control panels, digital signage and more

In this update we are excited to announce the following two additions to this product series:

  • Availability of Android 10 operating system (for projects only)
  • Upgrade of the RAM memory from 1GB to 2GB

Android 10 & RAM update for V40 devices

Availability of Android 10 Operating System

Currently the standard pre-installed OS for all our standard embedded touch PCs is Android 6, which works reliable and is effective for most applications. However, with the recent demand of our customers, we managed to also ensure the Embedded V40 Touch PCs are compatible with the Android 10 operating system.

Thus, for project orders of the Embedded V40 devices, Android 10 OS can be requested and pre-installed on the Embedded PC. However, do keep in mind, on the V40 devices, Android 10 OS does not support hardware video acceleration decoding, connection of an additional screen over HDMI and the usage of the Google Play Store. On a more positive note though, the Android 10 OS has additional features, full OS support and FOSS compliance, including customization possibilities since all the code is developed in-house.

A great comparison overview for all the different Android versions can be found on the social compare website. Additionally, check the Android 6 and 10 comparison flyer for a complete overview of the differences between these operating systems on faytech’s Embedded V40 devices.

faytech's Android 6 vs Android 10 OS

Upgrade of the RAM Memory from 1GB to 2GB

To ensure all of faytech’s devices are compatible with the Android 10 OS, the 1GB DDR3 RAM has been upgraded to 2GB DDR3 RAM for all standard products in this series (from 7″ until 32″ in size). Additionally, this upgrade will increase the overall system’s performance and speed for any operating system, allowing better usage for your application.

1GB RAM memory to 2GB RAM memory

For more information on faytech’s Embedded Touch PCs with Android OS, check out the document focusing on faytech’s Industrial & Secure Android Device Features.

Also, should you have any questions or enquiries regarding the Embedded Touch PC series or Android 10, please contact us at or reach out to your local sales office.