Entering 2020 With faytech – Factory Tour And Product Videos!

Entering 2020 With faytech – Factory Tour And Product Videos!

While we were in the Christmas holidays, our managing founder Arne Weber met Nicolas (aka Charbax) and shot three videos at faytech’s Asian Headquarters in Shenzhen, China. Especially compared to the factory tours done by Nicolas in previous years (201320162017), these videos will give you an impression of the growth faytech has had over the past years and also what more to expect in 2020!

Factory Tour in Shenzhen, China

In the last ten years, faytech grew from a small assembly company to a global industrial touchscreen specialist with more than 300 employees in the factories of Shenzhen and Suining!

Join Nicolas (aka Charbax) on his factory tour and listen to our managing founder Arne Weber giving some insights about what it is like living ten years in China, and what the future plans of faytech are. Besides this, you will get a closer look at some of the most promising products of faytech, such as the interactive shopping cart, which will be presented on the NRF 2020 (12 – 14 January), the interactive mirror and the new i5-touchscreen PC series!

Optically Bonded Industrial Touch Devices

In order to stay competitive in this market, faytech does not only focus on providing new innovative products, but also on improving the current technological features, such as optical bonding and software development.

Join Nicolas and Arne on this product series feature tour! The topics range from the optical bonding technology and progress in software development all the way to the new i5-Core product series and EASY Shopper®! So, sit back and relax while Arne explains all the details of faytech’s touch devices and why the quality outmatches those of our competitors!

Outdoor Water Test – IP65 and IP68 Water Jets

Outdoor displays for digital signage, way-finding and residence control is becoming a more and more common sight on a global scale. However, it is a market which requires high quality products suitable to operate in harsh (and rainy) environments, while being readable under direct sunlight.

In the outdoor water test video below, Arne demonstrates the perfect touch quality of faytech’s devices under powerful IP65 and IP68 water jets! Besides the amazing touch performance, Nicolas clearly points out how great the visibility is under direct sunlight due to the high brightness LEDs and optical bonding technology provided by faytech.