faytech flat review by MrWhoseTheBoss!

faytech flat review by MrWhoseTheBoss!

In an earlier news update, we introduced the faytech flat as a super convenient gadget to have while working in the “home office” environment, with several YouTubers trying it out for different application usages! As is already known, it is the ideal solution for those requiring an additional touch screen for their day-to-day activities, by extending (or duplicating) the screen of their smart device over USB Type-C or HDMI cable.

With great popularity among reviewers, we are glad to announce that Arun Maini aka ‘MrWhoseTheBoss‘, also managed to try out faytech’s lightweight portable touch monitor! With his reputation as UK’s Most Subscribed Tech Influencer and nearly 4 million subscribers, Arun introduces and reviews the faytech flat in just one minute, so check it out below!

Arun’s video features several amazing gadgets that can be used in combination with your smartphone, with the faytech flat being one of them. The video clearly shows how useful this monitor can be for any occasion!

Arun Maini’s YouTube Video (@ 4:45 – 5:45)

Included with the device is a flexible standUSB Type-C cable (1m) and protection case. Besides this, the faytech flat also works great in combination with our Capacitive Touch Stylus, which is an optional accessory!