faytech’s 10.1″ Thermal Temperature Testing PC!

faytech’s 10.1″ Thermal Temperature Testing PC!

Introducing faytech’s 10.1″ Thermal Temperature Testing PC! It is the solution for areas and entrances that require body temperature checks on customers, visitors or employees. The tablet PC can be used in a wide variety of settings and is the perfect addition for retailrestaurantshospitalityhealthcareeducationgovernment agencies and public venues.

It can easily be mounted onto a wall, integrated into a cut-out or placed as a freestanding tablet on a stand. This tablet PC is fitted with an RFID readerthermal sensor, infrared camera and full HD camera.

The Thermal Temperature Testing PC has a 10-point multi-touch, coated with anti-glare and optional anti-bacterial and anti-viral coating, proven effective against human coronavirus! Besides this, the cover glass has a hardness rating of 7H and a protection rating of IK08. On top of this, software will be included in order to operate all the basic peripherals on the device.

In the video on our YouTube channel, Arne fully explains how this Thermal Temperature PC can be optimized for your business and how easy it can be integrated next to any entrance!

This product is available in the standard version with RK3399 mainboard inside, but is available for any customization options, such as being equipped with our Intel mainboard.

The tablet PC is also fully adjustable to fit to your needs with a wide range of available accessories. This product will be globally available and rolled-out at the end of July, 2020. Contact us directly, for any project inquiries or other information at +49 5542 30374 10 or sales.eu@faytech.com.