faytech’s Eye-catching 48.5″ Strip-Type Displays

faytech’s Eye-catching 48.5″ Strip-Type Displays

Discover our featured product: faytech’s 48.5″ Strip-Type Displays. A unique solution that fits perfectly into your store concept or venue!

This distinctively sized display guarantees your content grabs attention in confined spaces! Moreover, it offers the flexibility to create eye-catching combinations with multiple screens, making it an ideal choice for fashion stores, airports, gas stations, convenience stores, supermarkets, events, and many more!

It boasts an impressive 2K quad resolution (1920×360) with a 16:3 aspect ratio. Additional features include optical bonding, high quality LED backlight panels, anti-glare chemical etching, and a lengthy lifetime guarantee thanks to its absence of moving parts. Furthermore, we offer a range of customizable sizes and aspect ratios for tailored projects.

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