faytech’s New Website Launch!

faytech’s New Website Launch!

We are very excited to announce the launch of our new faytech website! As some might have already noticed, we have completely updated our ‘old-school’ website into a new and fresh design with more options and functions than ever before!

Below, we have summarized a few important and new features that allow you, our customers and partners, to browse, search and select the product more efficiently, thus allowing you to find a solution suitable for your project!

Some Features of the New Website

  • Product Categories, Products and Filters
    We ensured that all our products are sorted accordingly in the respective category on the product overview page. Additionally, we also ensured to add some interesting features to allow better filtering of the products, such as the possibility to filter by CPU, screen size, brightness or aspect ratio. This in turn allows you find the right product for your project easier. On top of that, there is a contact form on each product page and a section for related documents for your convenience.
  • Solution Pages
    A completely new addition to this website is the solution pages. This will help you search the right product related to your specific application. Currently, we have a total of 9 different solution pages focusing from Automotive and Transportation to Medical and Machinery!
  • Search Functionality and Downloads
    A very useful feature we have added to this new website is the search functionality, which is a search bar on the top right of each page, that enables you to easily search for documents, products or downloads by using the model number, product number or name of the product. To get a full overview of all the downloads, check out the dedicated downloads page. There are many different categories implemented which allows you to easily search and download the documents or drivers you require.

There are many more features of the new faytech website and we will make sure to update you in the coming weeks with more functions and info! Should you have any feedback or improvement suggestions, please contact us through the website contact form, or reach out to sales@faytech.com.