Introducing faytech’s 27″ Capacitive Touch Devices

Introducing faytech’s 27″ Capacitive Touch Devices

In order to meet the current customer demands, we have been planning on releasing the much requested 27″ touch monitors and PCs for quite some time now! These faytech devices have a modern and sleek look with its 1.1mm cover glass and patented IP65 rubber frame, making the front panel water- and dust proof.

The standard devices have an optically bonded touch panel, which will improve the stability, reduce the reflection, increase the viewing angle, and enhance the perceived brightness. Besides this, it can easily be mounted or integrated using the Clamp supportsU-profile solution or any VESA 100 mount.

A total of 4 products are added across our well-known series:

27″ Capacitive Touch Monitor – Webshop  |  Website
27″ Capacitive Touch PC (i5-7300U) – Webshop  |  Website
27″ Capacitive Touch PC (N4200) – Webshop  |  Website
27″ Embedded Touch PC (V40) – Webshop  |  Website

These 27″ monitors and PCs are the perfect interactive solution for digital signage, classrooms, meeting rooms, industrial automation, shopping malls, hotels and many other areas. For any inquiries or more information, contact us directly at +49 5542 30374 10 or, or reach out to your local faytech representative.