Introducing the EASY Shopper®!

Introducing the EASY Shopper®!

The EASY Shopper® is the perfect solution for supermarket automation or any other similar application, it gives customers, store managers and retailers a completely new experience to shopping! The EASY Shopper® is basically the ‘All-in-One‘ solution for any large supermarket wishing to be one step ahead of their competitors.

For Customers
The shopping cart is smart and easy-to-operate, which enables customers to manage the entire shopping process while saving time at the check-out!

 • Save Time
   Cashless payment, no queue

 • Save Money
   All special offers at a glance

 • Convenience
   Search and navigate to specific products

 • Effective
   Integrated and transferable shopping list

For Retailers
It is the perfect in-store shopping solution for retailers, providing data, advanced analytics and comprehensive customer insights in a single solution!

• Intelligent
Target the right person at the right time with exact position tracking

• Focused
   Advertisements based on customer’s behavior

• Strategic
   Promotional offers can be tailored to change behavior in order to build brand awareness

• Forward-Looking
   Satisfying customer experience lead to new opportunities for growth and profit

This product has already been rolled-out this year in Germany, while in 2020 we are already planning on supplying a different supermarket with this great solution every single week! Do not hesitate to contact us and discuss the possibility of working together, we are NOW looking for worldwide project partners and it is your chance to be part of it!

Put us on your calendar and meet us at the NRF Booth #363, we are looking forward to some great discussions and talks regarding the EASY Shopper®! When you want to grab this chance now, contact us directly!

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*The EASY Shopper® is a registered trademark of Pentland Firth Software GmbH.