JV “CLEAR-BOND” Celebrates Production of its 200th Ton OB Glue!

JV “CLEAR-BOND” Celebrates Production of its 200th Ton OB Glue!

In 2017, faytech invented a new optical bonding process suitable for the mass production of large format optically bonded touchscreens. Since 2018, faytech has been the world leading supplier in this niche market. Based on its market position, the process was since then steadily improved further with tailored machines to improve the yield and bond-line thickness control. During this time period, parts of the optical bonding process was patented by faytech as well.

To further strategically secure its competitive advantage faytech invested in the glue research. In 2018, the Joint Venture CLEAR-BOND (Chinese 汉飞), between faytech and Hantek was formed (previously known as PUREBOND). Hantek was established by experienced engineers with over 20 years of experience in the glue industry. This experience provided faytech the opportunity to develop the advanced glue formula cost effectively – the perfect fit to faytech’s strategy, delivering its customers the best performance/price level in the market.

Based on extensive tests proving that the new glue even complies with the military standard MIL-STD-810-2003, both parties agreed to build a Joint Venture to exclusively serve the optical bonding market together with its secret glue formula. This time, we celebrate the 200th ton glue production of faytech-X2-1688 (CLEAR-BOND formula).

This is a big moment for CLEAR-BOND, and a proud moment for faytech and Hantek. Within just one year we were able to ramp up production and secure our long-term competitive advantage even further with our own JV-production. While other competitors still struggle to find a suitable process which can compete with ours related to yield, re-workability and long-term stability, we made another step forward and have additionally to that the most attractive glue offer in the market” says Arne Weber, managing founder of faytech.

Cai Qingjun, Technical director of CLEAR-BOND adds “With the large quantity backup of faytech, we focus on what we do best – develop and produce the most innovative optical bonding glue available in the market. Following military demands, we today can even offer glue mixtures working from -55°C to 150°C, and for outdoor markets we are able to include UV-protection in the formula as well. We developed these mentioned improvements within only the last 12 months, and we are looking forward to shape the market further based on our innovative research department“.

The glue is produced in Tongling with world-standard equipment in clean room environment, following several different ISO tests and quality standards. Our CLEAR-BOND innovation and product examples can be seen at the C-Touch & Display (November 19-21) in Shenzhen, China at booth 1L17 in hall 1!

Visit the CLEAR-BOND website for more information on optical bonding and contact us directly, for any inquiries or other information related to CLEAR-BOND.

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