Kastus® Coating – Proven effective against Human Coronavirus!

Kastus® Coating – Proven effective against Human Coronavirus!

In an earlier news update last year, faytech announced the partnership with Kastus® Technologies to launch next-generation touchscreens with 24/7 Antimicrobial protection coating technology.

Kastus’ glass technology has been proven to effectively eliminate up to 99.99 percent of harmful bacteria such as C. Diff, MRSA and E. Coli. On top of that, Kastus recently announced, according to independent tests conducted in a global lab, it is also effective against Human Coronavirus, which of course is a major breakthrough!

In the past and upcoming weeks, retail, restaurants, hospitality, and other service industries, as well as critically important organizations started (or will start) reopening in many parts around the globe. The critical priority when reopening these enterprises is on the safety and health of customers and employees. Thus, for any project, we are able to offer this 24/7 antimicrobial coating to support your business in helping to maintain a clean and hygienic workplace or store while still being able to offer interactive touchscreen services. To discover more about Kastus’ game-changing Antimicrobial coating technology visit www.kastus.com.

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