New Office Update: ‘Deutsche Faytech Korea’!

We are excited to announce the recent move into the new office of our ‘Deutsche Faytech Korea’ team! The new office is located in the Gyeonggi Business Science Accelerator (GBSA), which is a government organization in Suwon city, focused on the promotion of industry, trade and services. Located right next to the highway, this new office is perfect to accelerate our business growth in South Korea and maintain business relationships with our clients.

“We are very happy to have found this location and are eager to continue providing the best services to our partners and clients across South Korea” says Harry Kim, CEO of Deutsche Faytech Korea, “We are confident to grow our business further and will continue to provide high-quality and innovative solutions. Additionally, with the recent merge of faytech AG and German stock-listed company Pyramid AG, we are excited to start offering the Polytouch and Akhet brands to the South Korean market in 2023.”







With a team of 5 experts in the IT industry field, ‘Deutsche Faytech Korea’ is ready to provide high-quality local support, while focusing on expanding the touchscreen, optical bonding and project business with our partners and customers in South Korea.

Check out the newly released website of ‘Deutsche Faytech Korea’ to learn more: