Open Frame Touch Monitors in Stock and Ready to Ship!

Open Frame Touch Monitors in Stock and Ready to Ship!

faytech Open Frame Touch Monitors - ready to ship

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faytech provides you with perfect open frames from neat 7″ up to impressive 32″. And not only that: all goods are in stock! That means you place your order and we ship the next day!

With faytech it is so simple to get your open frames right away. They come with unique optical bonding and high-quality industry components. This results in:

  • Excellent legibility of screen content in bright environments.
  • Front panel protection against dust and condensation.
  • LED panel with a lifetime of 100,000 hours.
  • Mounting with a clever clamp solution or VESA standard.
  • Light weight.
  • Easy integration into any machine (cut-out or own case).

Our open frames do great jobs in industrial, automotive, marine, retail, transportation and many other industries.

Please click here to go directly to the faytech B2B webshop (Europe) or to learn about some interesting applications. Or scroll down for more details and to see what display sizes are in stock.

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