Recap & Booth Tour of faytech at C-Touch & Display 2021

Recap & Booth Tour of faytech at C-Touch & Display 2021

faytech at C-Touch & Display 2021

Despite the difficult circumstances caused by the pandemic, we were again proud to exhibit our product portfolio at C-Touch & Display 2021 last month.

Booth Tour of faytech at C-Touch & Display 2021

We hope that those who attended the C-Touch & Display 2021 exhibition had an interesting and informative experience, and of course acquired new business connections. From our side, we were glad to meet many new customers, partners and interested entrepreneurs at our booth.

For those who could not make it, do not worry, we made a complete booth tour video and uploaded it to our YouTube Channel! In the video, Arne Weber shows innovative solutions, production capabilities, cool projects and optical bonding technology!

The biggest show highlights was the newly released 10.1″ Industrial (Ruggedized) Tablet, make sure to check it out for yourself! For more information on the features and advantages of the tablet, check out our previous news update here or by clicking on the banner below. Other highlights included the 55″ OLED display and 32″ eInk, which also sparked a lot of interest.Industrial Tablet, as seen on C-Touch & Display

Should there be any questions regarding the industrial tablet or other products presented, please do not hesitate to contact us by calling or mailing one of our offices. Besides this, we would like to personally thank each and every one of you for visiting us and we hope to develop a mutually beneficial business relationship.

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