Recap of faytech at CES 2024 in Las Vegas!

Recap of faytech at CES 2024 in Las Vegas!

The CES 2024 in Las Vegas, US, is already over and it was a great success! We had many great interactions and forged valuable connections with potential clients, partners, and entrepreneurs. Additionally, we even had the honor of  Charbax passing by to shoot a booth tour video, check it out below!

YouTube video

Some highlights and special products we presented were as follows:

faytech’s Transparent OLED Kiosk
This revolutionary Transparent OLED kiosk is perfect for self-service applications in restaurants, retail and hotels as it changes the entire atmosphere of the room. With 10-finger multi-touch, Intel PC, scanner, payment system and printer, this solution can be wall mount, free standing or positioned as a tabletop.

faytech’s AI Camera Rail
The AI Camera Tracking solution of faytech allows for AI tracking of persons or object. It processes the data through the A311D Mainboard, with 5 TOPs. It can be used to track people entering a store, self-checkout functionality in retail, or even for factories for process optimization within the production line to check for product defects, and irregularities or any other problems that may arise.

faytech’s Interactive whiteboard
These whiteboards allows you to explore the world of interactive teamwork in an even more cost-effective way. These amazing screens transform the way you communicate, collaborate, and interact with your audience or team. Thanks to their easy-to-use touch interface, vivid visuals, and seamless connection to digital content, these displays give you the power to create impressive presentations, make learning more engaging, and make teamwork smoother, especially in business settings.

faytech’s IP65+ Steel Series Touchscreens
These IP65+ steel series touchscreens are available as touchscreen monitors or PCs, perfect for industrial use in semi-outdoor or outdoor applications. With high brightness, optical bonding and complete IP65 (even with standard cables!), these devices stand out amongst the competition.

Everywhere and for all seasons. This outdoor kiosk is to be used as an outdoor or semi-outdoor kiosk for public Transportation, logistics and food ordering. Selected hardware ensures high performance, optimum ease of use and robust reliability. With 10-finger multi-touch, 32″ Full HD display, high brightness and 100k backlight lifetime, is it the perfect kiosk solution for outdoor use.

POLYTOUCH® Passport 32
The 32″ PASSPORT makes ordering in the system gastronomy and the ticket purchase in the entertainment area faster and more convenient. With its large and responsive display, we have optimized the 32″ PASSPORT for order processing in quick service and fast casual restaurants and as a ticketing solution (cinemas, concerts, shows, exhibitions).

Besides this, we showed various other touchscreen solutions.

We are once again grateful for the opportunity to have presented our collaborative ecosystem, highlighting the collective strengths of our three esteemed brands: AKHET, faytech, and POLYTOUCH. We extend our sincere gratitude to the show organizers, as well as the numerous visitors who displayed great interest in our booth! For further information regarding our product portfolio, please feel free to reach out to us!