Update on faytech Offices Worldwide!

Update on faytech Offices Worldwide!

Back in early January, we announced that faytech AG becomes a part of the mic AG, allowing for further global reach, higher efficiency on product innovations and synergy effects. A few weeks back, the transaction has officially taken place and we are excited to start this new chapter together.

Meanwhile, we have not been idle, but are continuously working on expanding and allowing for further growth to take place in our faytech facilities worldwide. See below some updates on our global locations.

faytech AG in Witzenhausen, Germany

With more products and larger shipments coming into our faytech AG headquarters, we have decided to expand our warehouse in Witzenhausen substantially, by constructing a new building with 400m² of space.

This will give us more possibilities to keep our reserve stock higher and allow for faster delivery times for more standard products. The construction has just been finalized and will be in full operation this March.

faytech North America in Miami and New York

Over the past year faytech has moved into two new state of the art facilities in the North America. We have opened brand new locations in midtown NYC,  as well as in Miami FL. These locations will greatly enhance our global footprint, with two new sales offices and largescale distribution and RMA center.

faytech factory in Shenzhen, China

With further manufacturing, sampling and optical bonding requests, we decided extra space was required. Thus, in Shenzhen we purchased an additional floor within the building to facilitate further storage capabilities and allow for more space for offices, production and a showroom.

This extra floor, which adds roughly 1280m² of space to our factory, will give us more flexibility to grow even further throughout the year ahead. Additionally, construction of a new showroom has already started, so stay tuned for more information in the coming update!

faytech factory in Suining, China

Last year, we hired a new top manager named Jack Liu, as general manager for our production site in Suining. Jack has many years of experience in managing factories, and is therefore a great addition to the faytech team. With this position in strong hands we are very confident that in 2022 we will improve and increase our manufacturing capabilities even further.

Besides this, we further invested into new machinery in the Zentner metal production plant in Suining in order to increase our monthly output capabilities regarding casing, metal production and the EASY Shopper. Some of the new machineries include laser cutters, bending machines and pipe cutting machines.