faytech Receives Awards at the “National Top 100” Commendation Ceremony in Suining

Pyramid AG’s faytech Sichuan Tech. Co. received two important awards for its significant contribution to the development of Suining Economic and Technology Zone at the “National Top 100” commendation ceremony.

March 16, 2023

SUINING, PRC – The Suining Labor and Management Committees honored those enterprises that had made decisive contributions to the growth of the Suining Economic and Technology Development Zone in 2022 at the “National Top 100” commendation ceremony. The ceremony was held at the local Yishang OCG International Finance Center on March 15, 2023.

The faytech Sichuan Tech. Co. received two awards at once: the award for “Excellent Enterprise Growth” and “Excellent Foreign Trade Import and Export Performance”. This amounted to RMB 192 million (USD 27.8 million) in 2022, an increase of 88% over the previous year.

At the ceremony, the 10 best enterprises in the Suining Economic and Technology Development Zone were recognized. As the awards are given only once in each category, it makes faytech’s two achievements even more significant.


Jack Liu, general manager of faytech Sichuan Tech Co., states: “Our company is keen to continue contributing to economic growth in the region with the help of the Suining government, which works very closely with us in all business fields.”

After the award ceremony, Jack Liu had an in-depth discussion with Xu Wenqiang, Deputy Mayor of Suining Municipal Government, and Cai Xuedong, Director of the Economic and Information Bureau. Liu clarified that faytech will continue to align its activities with the motto of “In Suining for Suining”, participate in local construction projects and promote social economic development.


In 2022, faytech has focused on “optimization of production systems and processes” and “environmental sustainability”. For 2023, faytech’s goal is to continue on this path while developing its production resources and processes to ensure economic growth at a continued high level.