faytech’s 2023 Product Launch Event Summary!

faytech’s 2023 Product Launch Event Summary!

On June 28, 2023, we officially hosted the  faytech Product Launch Event 2023, which took place in Suining, China!

More than 200 attendees including distributors and customers from all over the country attended and took part, including special guests Martin Klose of the AHK and Donglin He of the European Chambers of Commerce. The press conference and event were livestreamed in China, and more than 25,000 viewers tuned in. The entire event has been recorded and a recap video has been put together for you to enjoy – it also includes more information about our production site in Suining, China!

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Arne Weber, Michael Faass, Jack Liu, Harrison Song, Mark Ge, Peter Yan and Lauren Huang introduced faytech portfolio and showcased 34 products live, check below to see some of the highlights shown:

New modular front- and back-kit system
This new modular system offers more than 2 million customization options, due to the back-kit and front-kit being available in several configurations. With Intel-based, Amlogic (embedded) or monitor back-kits, as well as full customizable internal RAM & SSD, is this the future of industrial touchscreen solutions!

86″ 4K whiteboard (Interactive Flat Panel Display)
This 20-point multi-touch infrared touch display captured the eyes of the visitors. With true optical bonding, 4K video quality it sets new standards in picture quality and ease of use. Perfect for education institutes and office locations.

Industrial HMI-devices
The HMI Series focuses on robust touch solutions, designed as user interfaces or dashboards, that facilitate seamless connection between humans and machines via the display. Featuring noiseless operation, IP65 front panel design, and durable aluminum casing. The open frame is lightweight, with clamp support holes and VESA 100 mounting, making it a versatile solution that can be effortlessly integrated into any industrial application or machinery (fully compatible with Siemens, Beckhoff and Codesys systems, amongst others).

Transparent OLED
faytech’s OLED touch display is a one-of-a-kind transparent touch display. This device is the perfect choice for a wide variety of applications, including Kiosk systems, digital signage displays, refigerator door panels, showcase boxes and in areas like shopping malls, hotels, offices, exhibitions, and many more.

32″ eInk solution
faytech’s eInk display monitor is a reflective electrophoretic technology imaging module based on active matrix TFT substrate. It provides an ultra low power and wide viewing angle solution to be used in broad daylight! The display is capable to show images at 2-16 gray levels (1-4 bits) – with barely any power consumption. This device is the perfect choice for transportation information displays, static digital signage or way-finders for in shopping malls, bus stops, train platforms or any other similar location.

Outdoor Touch Kiosks
The outdoor kiosks of faytech provide an enhanced visual experience with optically bonded, high brightness displays. Perfect for outdoor solutions due to the active cooling within the housing and IP65+ aluminum casing.

0.9mm pitch mini-LED wall
Custom & modular mini-LED wall with 0.9mm pitch, allowing for perfect image quality. It is completely IP65 water- and dust-proof and can be used in bright outdoor environments to catch the eyes of passer-bys!

Interactive Shopping Cart (EASY Shopper)
The EASY Shopper is the perfect solution for supermarket automation or any other similar application. It gives customers, store managers, and retailers a completely new experience when shopping. The Easy Shopper is basically the ‘All-in-One’ tool for any large supermarket wishing to be a step ahead of their competition.

Besides these highlights, many more solutions were presented. Additionally, the event also included a signing ceremony with 4 strategic partnership agreements and 2 distributor contract agreements being concluded with strategic partners that we believe will take our business and solutions within the Chinese market to another level.

After this part of the ceremony, the guests, which included government representatives, local media, customers and partners enjoyed a tour through our production plant in Suining, Sichuan. This location is our largest production base and focuses on mass-producing touch solutions for the global market with focus on high-quality production and design under German guidelines.