New Introduction Video: faytech’s Modular Front and Back Kit Solutions

New Introduction Video: faytech’s Modular Front and Back Kit Solutions

Interested to learn more about our modular front and back kit solutions? Then watch the 2-minute animation video! It contains all the important information about faytech’s innovative modular system for our new touch PCs and monitor solutions.

This cutting-edge concept opens up a plethora of ‘standard’ product possibilities, allowing each customer to choose from a wide variety of front kits (touch displays) and back kits (PCs / Monitor board) for the combination that best suits their needs.

The diverse array of available configurations boasts an impressive offering of over 2 million custom SKUs! In short, customized touch PCs and monitors with rapid project completion and extensive customization options.

In this animation video, we present faytech’s innovative modular front and back kits designed for our latest Touch PCs powered by Elkhart Lake, Tiger Lake U, and Amlogic mainboards, in addition to our newly introduced monitor solutions.

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Front kits currently available:

  • Rubber frame: 7-27″
  • Others upon request

Back kits currently available:

  • Intel Elkhart Lake: small or large housing (x6413E, x6211E, J6412)
  • Intel Tiger Lake U: small or large housing (i5-1145G7E, i3-1115G4E, i7-1185G7E)
  • Amlogic Embedded: small or large housing (A311D, S905D3)
  • Monitor: small housing (RT2556)
  • Others upon request

We would be more than happy to answer any questions related to our front and back kit solutions. Stay tuned for upcoming updates!