faytech’s Modular Front Kit and Back Kit Solutions

faytech’s Modular Front Kit and Back Kit Solutions

Arne Weber, the managing founder of faytech, and Michael Faass, the Director of Sales for APAC, have returned to introduce faytech’s innovative modular front kit and back kit solutions. In this video, Arne showcases the simple assembly process of the separate front and back kits, while Michael provides additional insights into the various options offered by this modular concept.

YouTube video link   |   YouKu video link

Front kits currently available:

  • Rubber frame: 7-27″
  • Open frame: 7-27″ (coming soon)
  • Aluminum frame: 7-27″ (coming soon)

Back kits currently available:

  • Intel Elkhart Lake: small or large housing (x6413E, x6211E, J6412)
  • Intel Tiger Lake U: small or large housing (i5-1145G7E, i3-1115G4E, i7-1185G7E)
  • Amlogic Embedded: small or large housing (A311D, S905D3)
  • Allwinner Embedded: small housing (V40)
  • Monitor: small housing (RT2556)

As explained in the video by Arne and Michael, the introduction of this modular system brings numerous advantages for users, integrators, and distributors. This approach not only reduces warehousing costs but also enables localized assembly and manufacturing.

The wide range of available configurations offers over 2 million custom SKUs!

For further insights into the showcased solutions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us, and stay tuned for upcoming updates. Also, see our latest presentation for further details on the modular front kit & back kit.