Recap of Smart-Display Vision Expo 2023 in Shenzhen

Recap of Smart-Display Vision Expo 2023 in Shenzhen

The Shenzhen (International) Smart-Display Vision Expo is already over, and it was a great success! We are delighted to have established meaningful connections with numerous prospective clients, partners, and entrepreneurs.








Some highlights and special products we presented were as follows:

faytech’s Touch Kit Line-up
From laminating the cover glass with the touch sensor and optically bonding the touch panel to the open cell, our in-house team ensures precise manufacturing capabilities with advanced machinery, resulting in superior display performance and durability for all our displays.

faytech’s 43″ Curved Display
A dynamic display that offers unparalleled visual impact. The vibrant LED lights create an immersive and captivating viewing experience, making content truly stand out. faytech’s optical bonding technology ensures superior visibility in any lighting condition and unmatched durability, with enhanced resistance to dust, moisture, and physical damage. This monitor is the perfect choice for entertainment venues such as casinos, bars, restaurants, amusement centers, and more.

faytech’s 10.1″ Industrial Tablet
This ruggedized windows tablet with N4200 inside, 6GB RAM and 128GB storage is a great portable solution in rough environments. With features, such as front- and back-camera, barcode scanner, fingerprint scanner, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, optical bonding, KASTUS anti-microbial coating and high brightness, this product is perfect for any rough environment that requires a portable tablet solution. It generated tons of interest from visitors in the industrial sector.

POLYTOUCH’s Passport 32″
The Passport 32″ is another perfect example of a high-quality self-ordering kiosk. It has an optically bonded screen, printer, scanner and payment terminal. It can be wallmount or free-standing on a pedestal. This ‘made in Germany’ product can be used in any location that requires a self-service kiosk!

POLYTOUCH’s Flex 21.5″
The Flex 21.5″ is the perfect self-service ordering kiosk with a powerful Intel CPU inside and optically bonded screen. The solution includes a scanner, payment terminal and printer, perfect for retail, hospitality or restaurants. The unit can be desk mount, with wallmount or on a pedestal. Also, this ‘made in Germany’ solution generated tons of interest!

Besides this, we showed the line-up of our unique, as well as standard touchscreen solutions.

Once again, we are happy to have showcased our joint ecosystem, highlighting the collective strengths of our three esteemed brands; Akhet®, faytech®, and Polytouch®. Through this unified approach, we demonstrated the enhanced value we bring to our customers, with wider reach, stronger supply chains, an increase in innovation performance, and the convenience of system offerings from a single, reliable source.

We would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to the numerous visitors who expressed keen interest in our booth! We are excited to share that the first project prospects are already in discussion. For further information regarding our product portfolio, please feel free to reach out to us!