Precautionary Measures in times of Corona

Precautionary Measures in times of Corona

We would like to dedicate this news update to inform you, our customers and partners, on the precautionary measures that faytech Germany is undertaking, in order to make sure that in current times, our employees are able to work in safe and healthy environments. We also make certain this is done without affecting the services and support that we provide to you at the German Headquarters.

As you know, with the “Corona Virus” now also affecting the Western World, we make sure all the needed measures are in place. Some precautions we are currently taking:

 • 50% of the employees are working from home, making sure that those who do not necessarily have to be in the office, will not be there. Besides this, the telephones are being redirected and all personnel will be reachable under the usual numbers.

 • Logistics, product management and service departments that require on-site personnel, operate under strict 2-shift operations, making sure that all operations are maintained with as little contact as possible.

 • Suitable hygienic steps are carried out, ensuring that all employees understand the importance of sanitary conditions and follow the hygienic guidelines imposed.

For any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us at +49 5542 30374 10 or For more info on our deliverability, please refer to our previous news update.

For all businesses around the world, this is a tough and uncertain time. However, we are happy to announce that our Chinese operation will be back to normal production output end of March, and from April on, all employees in China will be back to their work spaces. From what we can see in China, we are certain and optimistic that this is a manageable situation and we do our best to keep our employees safe without affect the services and support to our customers. We would like to wish you, your families and communities all the best health and safety in the current times.