Statement on Deliverability

Statement on Deliverability

In this news update we would like to inform you on the delivery status and current stock of our faytech products. In recent months, the “SARS-CoV-2”, also known as the “Corona virus”, has been affecting businesses worldwide, thus also faytech. Currently, the factories in both Shenzhen and Suining are not operating at their full capacity, because of government protection measurement and therefore, the majority of the employees are not allowed to leave their hometowns.

However, due to our close contact with the production plants in China, as well as proper inventory management, we managed to prepare a sufficient stock of many products in Germany and China, limiting the amount of affected products. In the following weeks and months, we are also taking the precaution of increasing inventories across the entire product range to avoid issues in the near future.

Some example of products that are currently well-stocked in our German warehouse are:

21.5″ Capacitive Touch PC (N4200) – Webshop  |  Website
17″ Capacitive Touch Monitor (OB) – Webshop  |  Website
15″ Capacitive Touch Monitor (OB) – Webshop  |  Website
10.1″ Capacitive Touch Monitor (OB) – Webshop  |  Website
12.5″ faytech flat Touch Monitor – Webshop  |  Website

If you would like to get and overview of all the availability of individual products, you will find the real-time stock in the login area of our B2B Webshop:

Due to actuality, please see our news topic from September in regards to our antimicrobial coating technology (24/7 germ-free protection coating). Contact us directly, for any project inquiries or other information at +49 5542 30374 10 or