Pricing, Stock, Components and Deliveries Notice

Pricing, Stock, Components and Deliveries Notice

The world did not only change greatly last year due to Covid-19, but also because of the global situation related to the major change of delivery times, pricing and the availability of display & electronic components. We feel it is the right decision to start the year with a general situation overview.

Shortage of Product Components
Due to the pandemic situation and the general trade difficulties, especially between China and the US, there is less investments in manufacturing capabilities, while there is an increased demand of electronic components (e.g. the global shortage of electric components for electric vehicles). faytech has increased its stock capacity and partly already invested in safety stock, however, especially with non-forecasted projects, longer lead times will be expected. Thus, we ask you for your support – please provide us as much as possible information related to your project and expected sales-forecast – this in turn will allow us to prepare the material accordingly.

Increase in Pricing of Components
Due to the shortages of components, the prices have also increased the last months. With a critical accident at NEG’s Takatsuki glass furnace on 10th December leading to an estimated damage of up to 4 million sqm of glass substrates, the capacity display prices increased even further.

Update in Transportation Fees and Capacity
With the current Covid-19 pandemic still globally affecting travelling, the price of air transportation has increased significantly as well, all while the transportation capacity decreases due to the limited available flights. We reacted fast and try to send most of our goods by train and ship now – but please accept extra fees and higher than expected express costs for urgent deliveries. Best, as said earlier, would be to provide us your demands as early as possible, even when you didn’t receive it as orders from your customers yet – we will be flexible in working out a best compromise together.

Yet, with this situation given, we have to partially increase pricing as well. Please check our B2B Webshop overview or contact your local sales office to get a complete update.

We are working hard to keep the effects as low as possible for you – our partners and customers.

Current Stock Availability
On a positive note, we would like to state that we still have a great availability for our finished products in stock. Check ‘Stocked Products & B2B Webshop’ news update for more information on stocked products.

If you would like to get and overview of all the availability of individual products, you will find the real-time stock in the login area of our B2B Webshop (for European customers). Contact your local sales representative for any project inquiries or other information. Also, feel free to reach out at +49 5542 30374 10 or

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